Alter Ego
Dracula, Vlad Tepes
Hellsing's "exterminator"
Group Affiliations
The Hellsing Organisation
Base of Operations
The Hellsing Mansion
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XIII
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XIII, Traitor Game XIV, 1st Annual Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
Spike, Werewolves
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Regeneration, Superspeed, Superstrength, Able to raise an army of the undead, Phasing, Teleportation
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General HistoryEdit

Alucard is the exterminator of the Hellsing organisation, a Protestant organisation dedicated to eradicating vampires. However, Alucard himself is a vampire under their control, possibly the strongest one of all.

He uses his various powers to kill vampires in brutal ways, usually not ending a battle until his opponent is broken and humiliated, even giving them free shots against him. He is incredibly arrogant, but longs to be defeated by the hand of man.

This version of the character was played by Hamboy.

Traitor Game XIIIEdit

This version of Alucard's first appearance was in Traitor Game XIII: Fright Club. In it, he quickly drew the attention (and distaste) of Spike by showing of his abilities in an arrogant manner, leading to him receiving a vote from Spike in the first round.

He would continue to play a part in the game, interacting with Mina Murray (who had had previous experience with an alternate version of Dracula), among others. He also took part in a mid game battle, facing off against a hoard of werewolves.

He would eventually go on to be killed by the traitors, a holy weapon of extreme power being plunged into his heart and his brains being eaten.

In the afterlife, he was placed into an arena battle against Son Goku by Mephisto, and after a brief tussle, the pair ended up fusing. Failing to escape, they were forced apart by Mephisto, and a female incarnation of the devil approached Alucard, offering him 10 wishes. He accepted them, but unfortunately, this turned out to be unwise. He was thrown into the beginning of time with nothing but a baby for company.

Later in the game, he would return to The Crypt Keeper's mansion, with far more power than he had earlier. He had been amassing an army of souls since the beginning of time, and his undead forces now included everything from world war 2 veterans to dinosaurs. These would be utilised in the huge final battle, against the movie version of Van Hellsing, and the Darkhold Dwarf's demon forces. He even briefly faced the Dwarf himself, but the task of defeating the creature was that of Mina Murray and Anita Blake. He would continue to fight, right until the end of the battle, and Elivra's sacrifice.

Traitor Game XIVEdit

In the Traitor Game XIV, Alucard played a far smaller role. He struck a friendship with Grimlock in the early parts of the game.

He, (along with Popeye) had to battle a hord of heartless, along with the witch Malificient. He did so with success. He went on to slay several Batman villains in the mid game battle.

He played only a small role in the final battle, killing evil clowns.

The End Of AlucardEdit

At the end of the game, the Goddess Belldandy and her sisters offered many of the players a single wish. This included Alucard. His wish was to meet his end by the hand of a worthy human in battle upon his return home.

When he returned home, London was in chaos. An army of vampire Nazis had slew a large portion of the population, and Alucard landed right in the middle of a battle ground. he sent out his undead armies to battle them, but someone was watching...

Frank castle, the Punisher, had his eyes set on the vampire lord, armed with a magic knife and gun apparently stolen from Doctor Strange. He met Alucard in combat, and, after a vicious battle, his weapons proved capable of negating Alucard's regeneration, and slaying him. Possible for good.