Anita Blake


No Title
Animator, "Nimir-Ra", Federally-sanctioned Vampire Executor, "Master's Servant".
Group Affiliations
Blood-drinker Clan (wereleopards), Jean-Claude's Triumvirate & power base, Regional Preternatural Investigation Team (R.P.I.T. or "Rip It")
Base of Operations
St. Louis, MO.
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XIII, XIV
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
TG XIII - Vigilante ("Creature Commando")
Powers and Abilities
Necromantic powers; sense paranormal oddities, raise and summoning zombies and spirits, healing factor, add and sever power animating other zombies, vampire power mimicry, life force stealing, aura manipulation. Ardeur, succubus powers; induce, sense, and draw power from lust, Anita is a member of a "Triumvirate", power combination of vampire, necromancer, and were. As a result, her physical abilities--strength, speed, healing, stamina--are boosted to Slayer-like levels, as well as limited telepathy with other Triumvirate members. Honed magical, animator, occult ritual, and crime scene investigative knowledge. Expert marksman, proficient with edged weapons, and a master of hand-to-hand combat.
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