Bennett Steele


Alter Ego
Owner and founder of Steele Corp, a multi-million dollar company.
Group Affiliations
Base of Operations
Steele Corp building
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XIX
Traitor Game Rivals
Basically everyone. Eldozar Goenitz and Provident in particular.
Traitor Game Roles
TG XIX - Traitor
Powers and Abilities
Master of several martial arts, athlete level strength, high IQ.

Bennett Steele is the main character from a story written by Ben Morgan called The Diplomat. Bennett was also used in The Traitor Game XIX: Custom Made for Calamity, and was also one of the three traitors.

Character Biography Edit

Bennett Steele was born 43 years ago in an unknown foreign country. Bennett's life was filled with disaster ever since he was a child. When Bennett was 17, he and his brother were playing by the train tracks. As part of a dare by Bennett, his brother walked onto the train tracks. What he didn't know was that a train was headed right towards them, and as Bennett's brother attempted to get out of the way, his foot got stuck in the tracks, and was was soon killed by the oncoming train. To deal with his grief, Bennett joined the military a year later, but he experienced a loss once again as his best friend who had joined with him at Bennett's insistence was killed in battle and died in Bennett's arms. After he returned home, Bennett attempted to lead a normal life. He enrolled in college, and graduated at the top of his class. For a while, Bennett seemed to have been living happily, yet the deaths of his brother and best friend still haunted him. However, his tragedies were not over yet. After watching a movie, Bennett called his parents and had them pick him up as his car had broke down. But on their way to come get him, their car got hit by a bus on the road and got knocked down a large hill. They both died within minutes. Angry at the world, Bennett left his home in an attempt to deal with everything. He traveled the world to train, mastering several martial arts along the way.

Using his high intellect, he started developing his own technology, and after selling some of it to his government, he used the money to start his own business. Thus, Steele Inc had been founded. It started off as a small business, but quickly flourished. After only a few years Steele Inc had turned into a multi-million dollar company, building everything from weapons to computers to cars. It became the "Wayne Enterprises" of his universe. The government took notice of Steele Inc, and offered Bennett diplomatic immunity across the world in exchange for his company developing weapons and such for them. And thus had been Bennett's life ever since, he continued to travel the globe doing whatever he wanted, but still tortured by the deaths of his loved ones.

Adventures in the Traitor Game XIX: Custom Made for Calamity Edit

Bennett started off in the game by acting as friendly as possible. During the beginning of the game, Bennett passed out several communication devices to the rest of the players in order to keep in touch with each other during the game. In the first round after the Kid Chimera death, it appeared Bennett would be voted out. In order to save himself, he attempted to convince everyone to vote for the host Deadpooligan who was responsible for Kid Chimera's death. His plan worked, and Deadpooligan was voted out. After that, Bennett managed to stay off the radar for a while. Bennett got drunk after having some beers with Garon, and much hilarity ensued. After he woke up and realized he wasn't wearing a shirt, he asked Darth Mall for a shirt and got a Redshirt Blackman one. Even though he was warned that he would be put under the mall's spell, Bennett put the shirt on anyway, and that was when Bennett's shirt curse started. Whenever Bennett put on a shirt, he would transform into whatever the shirt represented. In this case, Bennett slowly started to look like Redshirt Blackman. However, the transformation wasn't complete yet, and Bennett started to actually turn into Redshirt. Bennett eventually managed to remove the Redshirt Blackman shirt after a long struggle. Now Bennett was shirtless again, and after being urged by the Mall's energy inside him, he put on a Deadpooligan shirt. Using the powers that the shirt gave him, he transformed Terri Franklin into a male, and turned Dover into Will Smith.

Towards the end of the game, The Teen Team was revealed to be traitors. They started to fight everyone, so Bennett put on a Hugh Manatee shirt in order to transform into Hugh since the Teens wouldn't hurt him. This plan backfire, and Bennett was stuck as Hughben Manasteele for a bit. Love Child revealed herself to be an agent, and told everyone that the only ones she hadn't cleared were Bennett and Vlad. After that round, Love Child was killed by the vigilante and Vlad was banished, revealing that he had no role. Both Bennett and the Teens bought immunity, and the Teens were voted out next. Knowing he had nothing left to lose, Bennett stopped pretending and revealed himself to be a traitor and acted like his typical jerkish self. Before the end of the game, Bennett challenged Provident to a fight where Provident wouldn't use his powers, and the fight ended in a draw. As the final round was coming to a close and it seemed that Bennett would be voted out for sure, he decided to not give them the satisfaction of banishing him so he killed himself by shooting himself in the head.

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