Bob: Agent Of HYDRA
Karl: Engineer Of A.I.M.


Real Names
Robert J. Karlson
Karlton Ladysmith Black Mambazo Robertson
Bob - Certified HYDRA Agent/Professional Pornographer
Karl - Certified Engineer/Professional Bingo Player
Group Affiliations
HYDRA, Advanced Idea Mechanics, (formerly) S.H.I.E.L.D., Galactus
Base of Operations
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Who Would Allow Them To Have Roles?!
Powers and Abilities
The uncanny power and ability to be Awesome
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Bob, Agent of HYDRA and Karl, Engineer of A.I.M. are a pair of low level employees for the two largest terrorist organizations in the world, as played by The Purple Skull in Traitor Game X. In their prime of life, these bosom buddies face everyday counter-threats from the superhero community, but manage to take it all in stride. Perhaps the Gods are watching over them, or perhaps it's sheer luck (because we know it's not the training), but these two manage to avoid being cannon fodder.

They have switched over to different organizations serving the same labor roles, despite their criminal past. Rarely, if ever, are these two separable or even seen separately.

Bob is married to the X-Man Dazzler (he did it on the rebound. Score!), though his relationship is strained due to his sexcapades. Karl currently dates an unnamed Hand ninja. Bob is also good friends with Thorpool, and as a result the duo are often (albeit reluctantly) called on to assist the Rogue Team.

If you are on the internet, you can log on to Bob's daily blogs on where he gives his tips on living a more HYDRA-esque lifestyle, rantings and ramblings on Captain America, and his popular "Porno of the Week" column.

You can also see Karl on the internet via Myspace. But nobody has friended him yet. Not even Tom.

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Traitor Game X Edit

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Traitor Game XII Edit

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Encounters with the Rogue Team Edit

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Oddjobs and the Return of the Classic Edit

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Traveling through Time and Space Edit

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The Adventures Of Bob & Karl Edit

Bob & Karl have been through a lot since their debut in Traitor Game X. So much you would think the duo were stars in a sitcom. To commemorate their memorable moments, The Purple Skull has put all of their wild and crazy antics together in one big compilation.

Season 1 (Traitor Game X)Edit

Season 2 (Traitor Game XII)Edit

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Season 3 (Limbo Legion: Traitor Games XIV-XX)Edit

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