Captain America


Alter Ego
Steve Rogers
Soldier, Adventurer
Group Affiliations
The Invaders, The Avengers, The Rogue Team, The Rogue Avengers
Base of Operations
New York City
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game VI, IX, XV, Limbo Legion Back-Ups, XX
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
TG VI - Traitor. Buffy's benefactor in TG XV
Powers and Abilities
Enhanced Human, extremely well trained in hand-to-hand combat, adept strategist and leader, wields an indestructible vibranium shield.
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Marvel Comics
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General History Edit

During World War II, Steve Rogers tries to enlist in the Army but is rejected due to poor physical health. However, he is asked to take part in a top-secret project called Operation-Rebirth. It is here that he receives the Super Soldier serum and becomes Captain America.

Captain America is summoned to his first Traitor Game during one of the defining moments of Civil War.

Traitor Game VI Edit

Captain America was a Traitor in TGVI. At the finale it is revealed by Doctor Doom that he had injected Captain America with nanites in order to get him to perform the role.

Traitor Game IX Edit

Captain America was summoned to his second Traitor Game after being shot and killed by Crossbones on his way to trial for his crimes during the Civil War. During the game he came to realize that his death had been meaningless. When the opportunity presented itself, Captain America sacrificed himself in or to stop Glory from destroying the Universe.

1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show Edit

WINNER - Best Dramatic Moment

Traitor Game XV Edit

In this brief appearance, Captain America meets Buffy Summers in Glory's dimension as she fell through a portal Cap was defending from Glory's minions. The two briefly fight side by side. When he realizes that Buffy was going to be summoned to her own Traitor Game, he gives her his Shield saying that she will need it more than him.

Traitor Game XVIII Edit

Traitor Game XX Edit

Traitor Trivia Edit