great-grandmother (by Shampoo), old ghoul (by Ranma), old mummy (by Mousse), elder (by others)
Elder of the Joketsuzoku
Group Affiliations
Joketsuzoku (Chinese Amazons
Base of Operations
Alternates between Joketsuzoku village in Chinese wilderness and the Nekohanten Chinese restaurant in Nerima, Japan
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game V
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game V, Traitor Game VI, Traitor Game VII , Traitor Game IX, Traitor Game XIV, Traitor Game XX
Traitor Game Rivals
Doctor Doom, Darth Jubba, Kammy Koopa, Sif
Traitor Game Roles
Traitor Game VII (host)
Powers and Abilities
Several ancient skills and techniques
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Viz communications

Cologne is an elder of the Joketsuzoku, a more or less isolated tribe in the Chinese wilderness. Because the Joketsuzoku is a tribe ruled by the women, they are described as 'Chinese Amazons' by English speakers.

Cologne is the great-grandmother of Shampoo, one of the many female suitors for Ranma Saotome in the anime and manga Ranma 1/2. Though over a hundred years old (the anime goes so far as to say she may be three hundred years old) and short in height, she is a formidable opponent in battle. She is sometimes the go-to person for anyone seeking advice or exposition. But of course, she will not teach her ancient Joketsuzoku techniques to just anyone.

Cologne has been played by Chris Lang in all her Traitor Game appearances.

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