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Casey (last name unrevealed)
Roleplayer, Self-styled God
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Darth Mall, The Void
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Wields the Magic Pencil of Chuck Jones, granting him virtually unlimited cosmic omnipotence, save omniscience.
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For the player, see user:Deadpooligan.

Deadpooligan is the namesake of his author, effectively a creative embodiment and self-insertive Gary Stu who hosted Traitor Game XIX. He started as a normal teenage kid, but when he became power-mad, caused quite a ruckus. Deadpooligan is also notable for being so despised, he was the first host to be forcibly banished by the players of the game.

He liked to pick on certain players. 5 or 6 times.

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Traitor Game XVIIIEdit

Main article: The Mask

Deadpooligan first appeared at the start of Traitor Game XVIII at Loki's Asgyard Sale, bartering his soul for an artifact of untold power to make him more able to stand out, namely, The Mask[1] After the game was over, he attempted to trick Loki into believing he was really Joe Acro in disguise.[2] Even upon his true revelation, he conned Loki into giving him the Magic Pencil of Chuck Jones, as well as his soul back, so he could host a Traitor Game of his own.[3]

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