Faith The Vampire Slayer


Alter Ego
Faith Lehane
Vampire Slayer; former assassin for Mayor Wilkins
Group Affiliations
The Slayers; The Scooby Gang; occasional ally of "The Fang Gang"
Base of Operations
Mobile; formerly, Sunnydale
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game III, VIII, IX, X, XIV
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
NPC after the 3rd game.
Powers and Abilities
Standard Vampire Slayer power set: superhuman strength, agility, speed, durability, fast healing, "vampire sense", limited precognition; accomplished hand-to-hand combatant and weapons-mistress--favored weapon of choice is usually a knife; the "Slayer's Scythe", an enchanted weapon capable of easily dispatching vampires and other demons.
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Joss Whedon

General History Edit

Faith Lehane was born to a squalid life in Boston, MA. She didn't know her father, her mother was an abusive drunk who died by the time Faith was called as a Slayer. Something in Faith was broken by these trials, resulting in the girl being promiscuous, fearful of true intimacy, arguably a borderline personality. Needless to say, Faith Lehane was a very troubled young woman.

According to the show's initial mythos, a Slayer was called when one died. Buffy Summers briefly died in the Season 1 finale, "Prophecy Girl". Thanks to stalwart friend, Xander, Buffy was revived by basic CPR. In Season 2's "Who Are You?", Buffy encountered a girl named Kendra who claimed to be a Slayer--undoubtedly called before Buffy's resuscitation. As Buffy fans know, Kendra was murdered by vampire Drusilla in the season 2 finale.

Faith first appeared in Season 3 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the "Faith, Hope, & Trick" episode. At first, Faith was an ally to Buffy. However, events conspired to drive a wedge between Faith and Buffy's circle. Faith served as a dark reflection of Buffy, undoubtedly best demonstrated in the episodes "Bad Girls", "Consequences", and "Enemies". When Faith accidentally killed the Deputy Mayor of Sunnydale, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce's bungled handling of the affair drove her into Mayor Wilkin's clutches. Faith totally gave herself over to evil, going so far as murdering innocents, targeting Buffy's loved ones, and Buffy herself. Ultimately, Buffy confronted Faith in a visceral fight that left Faith near death.

A year in a coma further unhinged Faith, who eventually woke up disoriented and even more out of synch with the world. An ill-conceived plot to swap bodies with Buffy only increased Faith's confusion, as she experienced genuine love and friendship for the first time in her life--and didn't know what to do with it. Upon returning to her own body, Faith fled to Los Angeles, where she attempted to bait Angel into putting her out of her misery. However, Angel had other ideas, and eventually helped Faith begin her painful journey of redemption. Faith's change of heart gave the strength to turn herself into authorities and accept her prison sentence.

Nearly three years later, Faith broke out of prison when Angel lost his soul, once again reverting to his evil "Angelus" persona. Faith was a pivotal player in restoring Angel's soul. Immediately afterward, Faith didn't hesitate to accompany Willow Rosenberg to Sunnydale. There, Faith was once again on the "side of angels", doing her best to help Buffy fight The First Evil. When Buffy dealt a crippling defeat to the First, Faith was alongside the other Slayer, doing her part to save the world.

Traitor Game III Edit

Faith Lehane showed up sometime after the series finale, one of many called to play by Immortus. Ever vivacious, Faith brought a little "spice" to the gathering. She repelled unwanted advances from Lobo, while enjoying a friendly flirtation with Brock Samson. Unfortunately, Faith's past returned to haunt her, as players used it to justify banishing her. Faith was innocent, though--and became a lasting example of why Traitor Game players shouldn't rely on a character's past to determine guilt.

Oddly enough, Faith was perhaps the only player who wasn't returned home from Limbo, which kicked off a subplot that would resurface in several games to come...

Traitor Game VIII Edit

(from this game on, Faith appears as a recurring NPC)

When we next see Faith, she's still in Limbo, much to Immortus' chagrin. A clear illustration of the "Guest who overstays her welcome", Faith apparently makes the most of her time in Limbo. According to Faith, she learns about Limbo--it's workings, passing visitors, scarier inhabitants. Although she wants to go home, Faith hasn't let her ordeal in Limbo break her spirits.

Again, Faith engages the players, making friends with some (Goombella, Ms. Marvel, Chairman Kaga) and enemies in others (Dracula). Faith starts a feud with Dracula, who apparently is enamored of the spirited Slayer. The Lord of The Vampires repeatedly vows to make Faith his bride. They fight, neither side enjoying a clearcut victory, although Dracula clearly has the edge in power. Faith also helps in the fight against the Dire Wraiths, revealing what she knows of their weaknesses.

By the game's end, Faith lives up to her title by tricking Dracula into a UV chamber that annihilates him. For the moment, anyway. In the same scene, Faith enjoys a timely visit from an old friend--Angel. Having learned of Faith's dilemma from Willow(and one other), Angel arrives to rescue Faith with the help of The Phantom Stranger. However, they learn that the Phantom has another stop in mind before they can go home...

Traitor Game IX Edit

The encounter with the Phantom Stranger leads directly into the finale of the Ninth Traitor Game. In the midst of an all-out battle with Glorificus, the "Antagonist Host", Madame Xanadu's longtime ally (The Phantom Stranger) arrives with help: Angel & Faith. Faith helps Angel fight Glory, and the two delay the Hellgod long enough for the players & Xanadu to deliver the coup de grace. Their part in the fight is brief, but pivotal, and, given Glory's history with Buffy, certainly personal.

Earlier in the game, Donald M.'s NPCs, Mojo & Spiral, attempted to tamper with the game. Mojo needed a new ratings blockbuster, and was willing to hijack a Traitor Game to get it. He sent Spiral to disrupt the game, but she was foiled by Glory herself. In order to barter with Glory, Mojo (via magic mirror) attempts to sway her with a captive readers are led to believe is Dawn Summers. A few "bait & switches" occur, with readers learning that The Stranger, Faith, and Angel actually rescued the female hostage from Mojoworld.

Furthermore, we learn that it isn't Dawn, but actually Tara Maclay--whom Madame Xanadu reveals has a purpose in the Traitor Games...

Traitor Game X Edit

In a prologue, we see Madame Xanadu advise Tara that her destiny lies in the Traitor Game to come. The mysterious cartomancer also advises Faith that she must accompany Tara and offer whatever aid she needs. When Hela & Odin summons Tara Maclay to Asgard, Faith also shows up as the witch's bodyguard. Again, Faith engages the players, although she is somewhat more subdued this time around. Repeatedly, Faith says that she's there solely to help & safeguard Tara.

Faith makes good on her word when she defends Tara from Havik, Thorpool & Lady Sif, among others. She even helps Tara--who is one of the current Traitors--kill Havik. Faith willingly accepts banishment when Tara is exiled, although she doesn't waste time putting their "warden" on her fat ass when the first opportunity arises. In a "Boss Battle" against superhuman Nazis of Asgard 597-X, Faith helps Tara defeat the vampiric Baron Blood and the demonic leader of "The Scourge". At the game's end, Faith joins the players in repelling various supernatural menaces.

The long journey home is almost complete...

1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show Edit

Faith makes a cameo appearance, ushering Glory's minions offstage when their plan to release her is foiled by Madame Xanadu.

(Tara Maclay made a quick guest appearance before the Show in TG XIII)

Traitor Game XIV Edit

Faith & Tara makes their final appearances to date in TG XIV. In the game finale, Emperor Joker brings in a ringer to keep the players busy. Kefka shows up and helps whisk the players to the "Fright Club" setting, where he promptly besieges them with an army of killer clowns. Faith is among the past players who shows up to help repel the Killer Clowns. While Tara assists in the Joker's defeat, the Slayer offers valuable help in Spider-Woman & Ms. Marvel's fight with Stephen King's Pennywise, and delivers the killing blow with the Slayer's Scythe.

Her part in the Games fulfilled for the moment, Faith apparently gets to return home at long last. Tara's subplot is also resolved in the Epilogue, wherein she gets to say a final "farewell" to Willow. From there, Tara becomes part of a TG canon offshot, when she goes to work for Angel.

Player's comments on Faith's subplot Edit

I personally had so much fun playing Faith! Although she left TG III too soon, that ultimately opened the door for me to write cool scenes with the "Bad Girl-Slayer". Faith's moments in Limbo were fun, from fighting Dire Wraiths to baiting Immortus with taunts. Where else but the Traitor Games will you see Faith The Vampire Slayer rub elbows with Batman, Brock Samson, Immortus, Dwight Schrute, Goombella, and Ms. Marvel?

Even better for me, I got to use Faith's story as a springboard to bring in other Buffyverse characters. The nature of the games allowed for a new, self-contained canon. Those of us who love a particular "corner" of the "TG Multiverse" can introduce other characters we love through events in a previous game. Forgetting to write an epilogue for Faith allowed me to build on her unfortunate circumstances from the 3rd game. From there, we could catch up, as well as provide a seasoned perspective for new players. Faith was able to help out by providing exposition.

I particularly had a blast with the subplot's direction after TG IX! I'd brought up the possibility of Tara Maclay being drawn into the Traitor Games as far back as TG VII. The epilogue of "How Low Can You Limbo" gave me a chance to make that story happen by connecting two plot threads. Expanding on Faith's experiences in Limbo allowed me to organically bring in new PCs. Writing scenes with Madame Xanadu, Phantom Stranger, Angel, Faith, and Tara in the same room certainly didn't hurt!

Oh yeah--"The Limbo Legion" might be the longest-running subplot, but it wasn't the first! HA-HA! Eat THAT, Deadpooligan!  ;)

Seriously, I had a good time with that story. Also, Game XIV might not be the last we see of Faith & Tara, as a certain soulful vampire officially graduates from NPC status in TG XX! Hope y'all will check out that story!--Tangentman