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The TG Awards Show was hosted by Schornforce and Tommy and featured many, many past Traitor Game characters and even some future Traitor Game characters joining together for a gala of epic self-congratulation. The show took place in the famed Dorothy Chandelier Pavilion and was hosted by The Warners-- much to the chagrin of the audience.

The awards were voted upon by the various players and the first ceremony included all games from I-XII.

Categories & WinnersEdit

There were ten categories with an 'unfinished' eleventh, and an 'unofficial' twelfth & thirteenth.

Best Traitor Nominees

  • tangentman - Madea Simmons (TG IV)
  • Deadpooligan - Rorschach (TG IV)
  • Indigo Al - Archie Andrews (TG V)
  • The Purple Skull - Vandal Savage (TG IX)
  • Chris Lang - Bowser & Kammy (TG XII)

Best Traitor- Won by Indigo Al for Archie Andrews in Traitor Game V

Best Host Nominees

  • The Purple Skull
  • Joe Acro
  • Weirdopky
  • Chris Lang
  • tangentman
  • Indigo Al
  • Superheroic

Best Host- won by The Purple Skull

Best Scenario Nominees

  • Traitor Game VII: A Galaxy Far Far Away
  • Traitor Game IX: It's In The Cards
  • Traitor Game X: I'll Take Valhalla
  • Traitor Game XI: The Plop Thickens
  • Traitor Game XII: It's Good To Be Bad!

Best Scenario- won by tangentman for Traitor Game IX

Best Character Portrayal Nominees

  • Indigo Al - Prez Rickard (TG VI)
  • Schornforce - The Warners (TG VIII)
  • Kevin N. - Grimlock (TG X)
  • Tommy - Bo (TG X)
  • Albert - Lobo (TG XI)

Best Character Portrayal- won by Schornforce for the Warners

Best Traitor Game Player Nominees

  • Chris Lang
  • tangentman
  • The Purple Skull
  • Indigo Al
  • Schornforce

Best Traitor Game Player- won by Schornforce

Best Comedic Moment Nominees

  • Dick Dastardly thinking Emma Frost was Penelope Pitstop as a whore (The Purple Skull - TG VII)
  • Yakko Warner sings the Traitor Games Song (Schornforce - TG XII) Part 2 Part 3
  • The Traitor Game Poker Game! (TG IV)
  • Bionic Bigfoot's Special Effects (Indigo Al - TG XI)
  • Space Ghost Pies Mibu (Deadpooligan - TG XI)

Best Comedic Moment- won by Schornforce for Yakko Warner Sings the Traitor Games in Traitor Game XII

Best Dramatic Moment Nominees

  • Captain America's sacrifice (Superheroic - TG IX)
  • Batman of the DKC Opening (Superheroic - TG XII)
  • Severus Snape's outrage over Wonder Woman's murder (Schornforce - TG XI)
  • Grimlock's fight with the Nazi's and search for Ares. (Kevin N. - TG X)
  • Ukyo finds out about Meowth's death (Chris Lang - TG VI)

Best Dramatic Moment- won by Superheroic for Captain America and his sacrifice in Traitor Game IX

Best Ending Nominees

  • Traitor Game V
  • Traitor Game VII
  • Traitor Game VIII
  • Traitor Game IX
  • Traitor Game X
  • Traitor Game XI
  • Traitor Game XII

Best Ending- won by Tangentman for Traitor Game IX

Best NPC/Cameo Nominees

  • The Rogue Watcher
  • Heidi Klum Project Traitor Game
  • Batman
  • Zorak & Moltar
  • The G.I. Joe Guy

Best NPC/Cameo- won by The Purple Skull for The Rogue Watcher

Best In-Game Rivalry Nominees

  • Emma Frost vs. Evinlea (tangentman/Superheroic - TG VII)
  • Vandal Savage vs. Everybody (The Purple Skull/Everybody - TG IX)
  • Mantis vs. Jade Curtiss (tangentman/Anthony Johanson - TG VI)
  • Owlman vs. Kaga (Superheroic/The Purple Skull - TG VIII)
  • Thorpool vs. Ares (Deadpooligan/Superheroic - TG X)

Best Rivalry- won by The Purple Skull for Vandal Savage vs. Everybody in Traitor Game IX

Unofficial Awards Edit

The Wolfram & Hart Lifetime Achievement Award had no recipient due to janitorial interference.

Miss Congeniality given to complainers.


Continuity Edit

To some players, the Awards took place out of continuity with dead characters like Darth Jubba the Sith Hutt and Severus Snape unexplainedly returning from their untimely demises. To others, the Awards were in continuity and provided grounds for the Rorschach/Question portrayal by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game XIV and the foundation for the grudge between Evinlea and Donna Troy which was the driving plot point for Traitor Game XVI. Of course, anybody who won an award will tell you that it is canon. Especially that Purple Skull guy.

Dream Manipulator Engine Edit

In Traitor Game XVIII, The Tenth Doctor explains the canonicity of the Awards as such[1]:

"The Traitor Game Awards was held by the Powers That Be. Used a dream manipulator engine. Problem with those things is that they never work quite right. Always end up pulling some people to the dreamscape physically and mentally, and not always affecting everyone it's set to. Most of the people from my last game didn't show. Just an example. But some people did experience it like they were supposed to. Just a dream to them. The ones pulled in physically could just think it's a dream, too, but it seemed so much more real to them. I should know. I was one 'em. Brilliant idea, though. Absolutely brilliant. There's really not a better way to pull people together from across the universe like that. Brilliant, brilliant Powers That Be."--The Tenth Doctor.

What that says in non-Doctor-ese is that some people were pulled into the Awards wholly and thus experienced the show just like someone going to the Emmys would (e.g. Evinlea). Others experienced it just like a dream (e.g. Chris Lang's characters[2]). Finally, many from past or unrecorded games didn't experience it at all, while some characters from future games did experience it.

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