Gordon Freeman
Other aliases
Anti-Citizen One, The Free Man
Theoretical Physicist, Savior of Humankind
Group Affiliations
Base of Operations
Black Mesa East
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XX: Challenge of the Limbo Legion
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XVIII.
Traitor Game Rivals
Shifter & Downpour, Mojo Jojo, Angel
Traitor Game Roles
Traitor Game XX - Final Traitor
Powers and Abilities
Protected by an HEV suit
™ / © Owner
VALvE Corporation

The second only-liked character of Radioactive Zombie, this version was a member of the Exiles-like Shooters. Unlike some of the players, he was fully aware of the games and knew that he was slated to be a player in the most recent one. Although the Half-Life series has not been finished, this version is somewhat different from the Gordon Freeman we all know and love - he uses facial expressions, gestures, and tablets constructed from Apokoliptian rubble and his crowbar to communicate, as his NPC, the G-Man, stated he was rendered mute from some sort of accident.