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Dr. Bruce Banner
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The Avengers, The Defenders
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New Mexico
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Traitor Game V: Rudolf the Red Nosed Traitor
Traitor Game History
TGV, 1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show, TGXIV
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Powers and Abilities
Superstrength, Durability, Healing Factor
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General History Edit

During an experimental detonation of his Gamma Bomb, Physicist Dr. Bruce Banner rushed onto the test field to save Rick Jones, a teenager who had driven into the zone on a dare. After safely getting Rick into a trench, the bomb detonated, bombarding Banner with massive amounts of Gamma Radiation. Banner survived, but now is burdened with the ability to transform into the incredibly powerful Hulk.

Shortly before being summoned to his first Traitor Game, The Hulk was exiled from Earth by members of the Illuminati; Iron Man, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, and Reed Richards. The Hulk had crash landed on the planet Sakaar and was being forced to fight in the gladiatorial arena.

Traitor Game V Edit

The Hulk arrived in the Traitor Game belligerent and argued with many of the other Players; Fin Fang Foom, Doctor Doom, The Bard, Jimmy Kudo, and even Cologne. During the game he constantly voted for Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and The Bard but neither ended up being a Traitor. In the end he only managed to successfully vote out one Traitor, The Flash, and that was only because The Flash had admitted to being a Traitor beforehand.

In the end Archie Andrews was the final Traitor and ended up winning the game.

1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show Edit

The Hulk attended the 1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show although he wasn't nominated for any awards. When Archie Andrews was announced as the winner for Best Traitor, the Hulk picked up Wolverine and tore him in half out of anger. He also got a measure of revenge against Jimmy Kudo by hurling a soccer ball at the boy's dead body.

He left at the end of the Awards to go back to Earth and exact revenge against Black Bolt, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, and Reed Richards.

Traitor Game XIV Edit

The Hulk appeared in the final battle of TGXIV. Both he and Ares fought against Kefka and his minions.

Traitor Game XX Edit

During the Time woogie the Hulk appeared in place of Drax the Destroyer where he promptly stomped on Jimmy Kudo.

Traitor Trivia Edit