Jack Skellington


Alter Ego
The Pumpkin King, King of Halloweentown, Bone Daddy, Santa Claus
King of Halloween
Group Affiliations
Halloweentown residents, Sora and crew
Base of Operations
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XIII
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XIII, Traitor Game XIV, 1st Annual Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
Michael Myers, Oogie Boogie, Jack O'Lantern
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Agile, undead, can have body parts separated and then put back together without harm, Soul Grabber, various Kingdom Hearts abilities
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Jack seemed to enjoy nearly everything about the Traitor Games and wandered through them forever fascinated. His exuberance seemed to be contagious as he turned out to be a fairly popular character in Traitor Game XIII. This could also be partially due to the fact that he was one of the friendlier characters involved. He was portrayed by Schornforce

General History Edit

Jack's origin isn't well known, but the version used in the Traitor Games was sort of a composite version who had powers from the video games he'd been in as well as knowledge/experience garnered from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Long ago, it's said that Jack had chased the monstrous Oogie Boogie and his bugs from Halloweentown. The grateful citizens proclaimed Jack their king and he's reigned ever since. Jack is in charge of Halloween celebrations and he and his subjects work hard all year to make every Halloween the best it can be.

Unfortunately, Jack soon got bored with the monotony of doing this task year after year and he yearned for something new and different. He stumbled across a grove of trees which opened to different holiday-themed lands. After falling through the shining Christmas doorway, Jack discovered a brand new world so wonderfully different from Halloweentown.

His excitement overtaking him, Jack tried to make Christmas his own, but ended up failing miserably as people didn't want a horrifying Christmas. Eventually Jack seemed to learn his lesson, but one day while wandering through the woods once more, he stumbled on a different grove of trees-- these were marked with various internet sayings. One led to the Traitor Game.

And that's when Jack got another adventure.

Traitor Game XIII Edit

Jack fell through the void from the tree's doorway and saw glimpses of The Warners and dying Batmen. He eventually ended up crashing onto Crypt Keeper's dining room table. Despite the dramatic entrance, Jack politely introduced himself to everyone he could and complimented their unique and/or marvelous presence.

Eventually, Jack became quite fascinated with a Chia Pet he'd found, despite the fact that he probably should have cared more about finding the killers. Eventually, Jack continuously mingled and seemed intruiged by everything going one around him. He seemed quite happy and even won Crypt Keeper's Scareoke contest with a little take on the Nightmare Before Christmas classic song 'What's This?' Then came the first battle. Jack accompanied some others into a room where fictional slasher-killers were gathered. Jack, being... well, Jack cheerily handed candy to various killers like Leatherface as Zombie Spider-Man followed and ate the slashers. Jack was undaunted until he came across Michael Myers. Michael, it seems, didn't want a fun-size Milky Way(tm), but rather, wanted Jack to die.

Jack wasn't having any of that and used his Soul Robber to battle Myers and freeze the killer solid. Mister Skellington didn't have long to celebrate, however, as the Keeper's Creepers (aka Traitors) soon eliminated Jack by beheading him and scattering his bones. Having gained an immunity use for winning the Scareoke and for the fact that Schornforce was away on vacation when Jack was killed off, Jack was allowed back to mingle with the living... such as they were. Jack had tried to tell people many times that, perhaps, they should focus away from voting for the vampires among them. He also heavily suspected (wrongly) Mister Bones.

Jack was eventually sent to battle an opponent-- Emily from 'The Corpse Bride.' The battle ended when Jack forfeited allowing Emily to be set free. In a later battle, Jack tried to make amends for accusing an innocent Mister Bones by healing his wounds with a (Kingdom Hearts) potion. Jack O'Lantern was pulling Hoss Delgado's strings and he and Jack exchanged words, but Jack O'Lantern decided a better opponent for Mister Skellington would be Oogie Boogie who stole Jack's Soul Robber. Jack got the Robber back, but Oogie promptly fled, escaping to Halloweentown to attack it while Jack was kept busy in the Traitor Game.

Jack grew quite worried and when the Darkhold Dwarf unleashed powerful forces upon the participants, Jack ended up scattered once more, but reformed at game's end to be whisked away to the Batcave just in time for the next game.

Traitor Game XIV Edit

Jack was one of the earlier prisoners to arrive, having been shunted directly from Game XIII. The only other prisoners at the time were Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost. Batman was initially worried that Jack was an undead creature intent on attacking his fellow captives, but those fears were quickly put to rest.

After other prisoners were brought in, Jack mingled admirably and was quite excited to meet such unique creatures and learn new things. He was quite taken with Pinky and the Brain's laptop computer, excitedly and obliviously taking it from them. Eventually, Jack gave the computer to Goombella but asked her to return it to the mice. Jack then went mingling with the crowd until the Arkham Asylum inmates all burst into the Batcave. Since it was Christmastime in real life, Jack started to hand out presents (of course!) but was interrupted by the DCU Scarecrow. Fear gas didn't affect Jack, but Scarecrow got the fright of his life when Jack gave the villain a Christmas gift so horrible, it can not be contemplated.

In the final battle, Jack joined with Anyanka and Willow Rosenberg's circle with other mages from this game, past, and future ones. There, they concentrated their mystic power to revive and empower Batman to defeat the major enemy of the game. Once it all was over, Jack returned home to find that an act of kindness from Traitor Game XIII had helped save Halloweentown from Oogie Boogie's machinations.

Traitor Game XX Edit

Not one to be left out, Jack got involved in the time woogie when he was blipped in, replacing Count Floyd at just the right time, unwittingly saving the down-on-his-luck count's life from The Joker. Jack didn't do much, but he did seem fascinated by all the characters as he has in the past. He also met his old friend Mister Bones and the two had a pleasant (under the circumstances) chat.

1st Annual Awards Show Edit

Jack arrived with his date Sally (natch!) and the two made their way into the pavilion with the other guests. Jack tried some okonomiyaki and loved it, pondering how he could 'improve' such a recipe. He also bumped into the Hulk who mistook Jack for Ghost Rider. Jack enjoyed The Great Wakkarotti's performance, but admitted that Wakko could've used a breath mint. Jack joined Squirrel Girl to present 'Best Character Portrayal,' but Jack tended to get quite distracted by the props, curtains, and other devices onstage leaving Sally embarrassed and Squirrel Girl presenting solo.

Future Appearances Edit

While his Traitor Game story is complete (for now), Jack will appear on Halloween and/or Christmas to hand out treats to the players at whim.

In Their Own Words Edit

"What's this?


Marvelous! I can punch in words on this device to write on a screen! Ha ha!

I believe I had tried a similar device in one of the games I was in. Quite fascinating, really! I had met so many intruiging and unique creatures! There was plenty of ideas to be had as well! I think I'll add some into the next halloween!

Speaking of which, I really should get going... lots of work yet to do!

Happy Halloween! and Merry Christmas!"

Traitor Trivia Edit

Despite Jack Skellington clearly removing his own head in the beginning of the game and a couple times in the movie, the traitors still decided to use 'beheading' as the method for killing Jack.

Jack's Soul Robber allowed him to change into 'Scarecrow Jack' who could breathe fire and 'Santa Jack' who passed out presents on Christmas and had icy powers.

Jack wasn't much help in big boss battles, often ending up being knocked to pieces with his bones scattered (but otherwise fine).