various disguises/alter egos
Doctah Gloom, Doctor Meowth Wisenheimer, Bat-Meowth, Meowth-Thing
Pokemon Type
Scratchcat Pokemon/Normal Type
Group Affiliations
Team Rocket, The 'New' Team Rocket, The Dale Force Five, Fantastiteam Rocket Four
Base of Operations
Meowth-head Balloon
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game VI
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game VI, VII, XIV, XVII, XVIII, 1st Annual Awards Show, XXV, 2nd Annual Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
'Doctah Gloom', The Joker, Puppetmon, all Digimon in general, Wesley Crusher, Panthro, Conan Edogawa, Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Jessie(!)
Traitor Game Roles
Breaker w/Team Rocket in Traitor Game XVII
Powers and Abilities
Fury swipes, bite attack, 'master' of disguise, pickup ability, devious, wisecrackin', able to pull mechs from outta nowhere, balloonist, vase breaker-- (as Meowth-Thing): super strength, rocky hide
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When he's not trying to spirit away a fat electric rodent from a very clueless perpetually ten year old boy, Meowth tends to collect round things and become involved in the Traitor Games. He has ranged from performing heroic deeds to causing trouble (and make it double) for the miscellaneous players. While he often means well, his naturally mischeivous nature often causes the little scratchcat pokemon to act out. He breaks the fourth wall often, but usually only for minor side comments as opposed to engaging OOC players directly. Meowth has been a player twice in these games-- once solo and once with Team Rocket. He was killed both times. The only player (aside from an unsolicited cameo done by Purple Skull) to portray Meowth so far is Schornforce and is often considered one of his signature characters to portray.

General History Edit

Meowth was born presumably in the Kanto region of the Pokemon world. He was abandoned at an early age and eventually grew up living a hard life. He eventually made his way to Hollywood to try and make his way in the world and fulfill his dreams. Once there, he learned life wasn't any better... until he fell in love. Unfortunately, his love spurned him, saying he could never make her happy as he, a mangy street Meowth, could never spoil her like her HIDEOUSLY fugly owner could. Meowth decided that if he could become more human-like, then maybe his love (Meowsie) would accept him. Unfortunately, after all his hard work, she decided he was a freak and rejected him once and for all.

When Meowth learned how to talk like a human, his first word was 'Rocket.' This prompted him to eventually leave Hollywood and join up with Team Rocket. Once there, he annoyed Giovanni who put him with two elite up and coming recruits (depending on how reliable this particular version of Jessie and James' nebulous backstory is). Meowth turned out to be a screw-up early on, but eventually became the team's idea man and go-to for mech ordering/building. He is a valued member of the team and despite the frequent bickering, Jessie, James, and Meowth would be lost without each other.

Meowth frequently speaks in a Brooklyn accent, despite living most of his life in Hollywood and Kanto. He also frequently gets various Traitor Game characters' names wrong.

Traitor Game VI Edit

Meowth's first experience with the Traitor Games occurred in Traitor Game VI. Here, Meowth was separated by Jessie and James after blasting off (again) and ended up in Doctor Doom's mansion. There, Meowth broke an expensive vase and was frightened by The Shrike. Eventually, after the death of Batman, Meowth started to get a bit more involved in things. He had some of Undertaker's dreaded gumbo, completely oblivious to the fact he was eating Batman-meat. Fortunately, he soon met Ukyo Kuonji who he learned also shared a similar situation to his unrequited relationship with Meowsie. The two became fast friends and have remained so when they meet and/or correspond in future games.

Meowth has been shown in the games to have a certain degree of racism towards Digimon. This is first evidenced in his apprehension towards Beta Ray Bill. Meowth learns that Bill isn't a Digimon and is a pretty decent fella, to boot. Eventually, Meowth dresses as Doctor Doom and attempts to discern information from the players, thinking his lousy disguise truly fools them. Unfortunately, Meowth is eventually found cooked alive inside his Doctor Doom costume. He was found alongside Arthur Dent who had been murdered by spatula.

This game had Meowth invent two machines-- one is larger with a mallet attached. It proceeds to smash every last vase Doctor Doom owns in revenge for being put through this game. The other one created the very first Traitah Tradin' Cards which are little collectable cards of the players portrayed by Meowth.

In the end, Meowth is restored to life, is given a way to keep in touch with Ukyo, and is returned to Jessie and James, who Meowth impresses with new Pikachu-capturing plans inspired by the Traitor Game. Later, the Pokemon announcer tells Meowth some important lessons to take from his experience and delivers a bit of okonomiyaki from Ukyo.

Traitor Game VII Edit

Meowth only appears briefly in Traitor Game VII, first breaking the fourth wall to tell Deadpool that there will be no Traitah Tradin' Cards this game, later reminding a player that he isn't gonna be in this game (except for the bits mentioned), and then at the end, corresponding with Ukyo after her experiences in this game.

Traitor Game VIII Edit

Meowth made a very brief appearance in this game as he was pulled out of Wakko Warner's gag bag. He appeared dead, but quickly got up and told the Warners that they were lucky he still has eight lives left. Then, he promptly departed leaving the Warners to shrug away the unsolicited cameo.

Traitor Game X Edit

During one of Bob and Karl's bits, they did a Team Rocket motto, ending in Meowth putting in an appearance to help them out. Bob is continuously and shocked that Meowth talks, although somewhat delayed in his reaction.

Traitor Game XII Edit

While not in the game itself, Meowth appeared with other characters to 'congratulate' the games on their one year anniversary in the sign-up thread. He, as well as several others were frightened off by the Warners who'd come to wreak unholy havoc.

Traitor Game XIV Edit


What's wit' dese Traitah Games?!

For the first time, Jessie and James experience a Traitor Game alongside Meowth, as fellow prisoners of Batman in Traitor Game XIV. They are all held in a mystical holding cell in the Batcave. Meowth, happily reunites with Ukyo and unhappily runs into a bragging Wesley Crusher.

Later, Meowth engages in a battle with Catwoman from 'Batman Returns.' Meowth battles dressed as Bat-Meowth... not that it helps much. He trips on his cape, snags a claw on Catwoman's stitched up costume, and ends up unravelling it. She is forced to flee while being pursued by Happosai.

Meowth and Team Rocket proceed to mingle with the other prisoners, but after the traitors are found, Meowth makes an important sacrifice, throwing Ukyo out of the path of a deadly blast shot by the villain behind the events of this game and the many deaths of Batman.

Meowth is 'fainted' for the rest of the big battle, but is revived at the end to make an important wish granted by Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld. After making his wish, he and Team Rocket are accidentally sent blasting off to parts unknown by the Warners and Bat-Mite.

In a 'deleted scene,' Meowth runs afoul of Conan Edogawa who was replaced by Wesley Crusher in the actual game due to the return of a player who had initially portrayed the Conan who was to be spoofed in this game.

Traitor Game XVII Edit


I'm da top cat!!!

Directly from blasting off from Traitor Game XIV, Team Rocket ends up squarely in Traitor Game XVII after a brief stopover with an Army of Dorkness. As soon as Team Rocket arrives in Doctor Orpheus's home, they promptly destroy his hummels and start with their world famous motto.

In this game, Team Rocket make several key alliances. Meowth, in particular teams up with Dale Gribble as a member of his Dale Force Five (minus four) and Meowth is at least partly responsible for the recruitment of Pumbaa aka Grand Pumbaaeonemon into the team. Meowth also finally acts upon his previously touched upon Digi-racism when he faces his latest foe, Puppetmon. Panthro intercedes in one battle between poke' and digi, prompting Meowth to declare Panthro a traitor to cat-kind. Meowth also convinces fellow Team Rocket member Bamf to join in the Puppetmon bashing for a moment, although Bamf catches wise and secretly helps foil Meowth's attack.

Oddly enough, Meowth was right in his blind, irrational hatred, as Puppetmon was indeed a traitor. Jessie didn't care. She kicked Meowth off the team due to his part in voting off a fellow Team Rocket member. Meowth got back into her good graces by 'capturing' Pumbaa for her. Soon after, Team Rocket were 'killed' by being blasted off with a landmine.

Meowth constructs several mechs-- a Meowth-shaped one with funny glasses, a giant Wobbuffet shaped one, and his TOTALLY ORIGINAL creation Prehistorimech Change-o-morph Grimrocket!

Meowth also appears on the Jerry Springer Show in the guise of Doctor Meowth Wisenheimer. Then, later, he strikes a deal (which is never fulfilled) with Fred and George Weasley.

Puppetmon got his revenge at the end, sending Meowth crashing into Jessie, James, and Bamf sending them blasting off to who knows where.

Traitor Game XVIII Edit


Heidi Klum is scary.

Meowth and the rest of Team Rocket assist Heidi Klum briefly in Traitor Game XVIII before *gasp* blasting off.

1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show Edit

Meowth appeared with Team Rocket at the Traitor Game Awards Show where they were presenters for 'Best NPC/Cameo.' At the end, Team Rocket gorge on food, but are stopped short by an angered Miss Piggy.

Meowth is one of the characters (along with his fellow Team Rocket members) who could consider the awards show in continuity with their other Traitor Game adventures.

Traitor Game XXVEdit

In this game, Team Rocket blasted in, causing them to become players in place of Franklin Richards and H.E.R.B.I.E.-- unfortunately(?) they were hit with one of Reed Richards' experimental rays, imbuing them with the powers and abilities of various Fantastic Four members (minus Mister Fantastic). Meowth, in particular, was combined with Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing. The ever-lovin' blue eyed Meowth-Thing was a pint sized li'l tuff guy who still had tremendous distrust for 'Doctah Gloom' and his ilk.

Second Annual Awards ShowEdit

The Warners, being otherwise occupied, were replaced by Team Rocket, who eagerly assumed hosting duties. It was also notable that Deadpooligan decided to join the 'New' Team Rocket in their bid to wreak mayhem.

Future Appearances Edit

Team Rocket are always ready to assist Heidi Klum as needed, but will also most likely return as playable characters.

In Their Own Words Edit

"Oh, great. Dese Traitah Games is real annoyin', but at least I met my good pal Ukyo in 'em an' we gots some more Team Rocket membahs! Even if one a' dem is a doity, rotten, stinkin', annoyin', no-good, untrustwoithy, lousy, irritatin', traitorous, two-bit Digimon!

Still, despite dat Digimon dork, I had some good times in da' games. Even if me an' my underlings Jessie an' James did get eighy-sixed by dem traitor-bums! I know dat each challenge we face, we'll get strongah an' bettah until one day we're fit enough ta capture dat Pikachu for da boss!

...ah... da boss... I bet he's thinkin' about me right now... He's probably on 'da net an' readin' 'dis very article. I can imagine it now... He'll contact me an' say, 'Meowth, yer article has done moved me ta tears wit' yer heartfelt loyalty an' braveness! I hereby appoint youse an' yer pals as da NEW heads 'a Team Rocket! *sigh* A pokemon can dream, can't he?"

Traitor Trivia Edit

Having been in several games now, Meowth considers himself a vetran and often tries to convince other players of this. Unfortunately, his guesses are most often wrong.

Meowth is the Team Rocket member Jessie seems to like least.

Despite Meowth's general tendency to be nicer when around Ukyo, he can still be quite the devious kitty which was more evident in Traitor Game XVII.

Much like his fellow Team Rocket members, Meowth is quite delusional and thinks of himself as much more villainous and formidable than he actually is.

In a deleted picture for Game XIV, after Meowth sacrificed himself to save Ukyo, there was to be an homage picture to the famous 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' death of Supergirl comic cover. It was never finished beyond a loose sketch.

Despite earlier love for the aforementioned Meowsie and a passing love for a woman who healed him once on the anime, Meowth tends to have plenty of bizarre and possibly homo-cross species-erotic fantasies about the Team Rocket boss, Giovanni.

One unused costume idea had Meowth dressed as Harry Potter in order to fool Puppetmon in Hogwarts.

Chicken Boo had impersonated Meowth in Traitor Game XVII.

Superheroic mentioned a 'loquatious cat' being held in a freakshow in Traitor Game XIX. This was to be Meowth, but ironically, he didn't say a word.

Also, in Traitor Game XIX, Schornforce wears a 'Meowth' cap.