Mina Murray
Other names
Wilhelmina Murray, previously Mina Harker
Group Affiliations
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Base of Operations
Formerly the British Museum in London, now mobile
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XIII: Fright Club
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XIII, Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
Count Orlock, Ava Moore, Spike, Darkhold Dwarf, Jack O'Lantern, Bride of Frankenstein's Monster
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
No superhuman powers of her own, but due to her contact with supernatural forces, does not age at the same rate most mortals do
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Created by Bram Stoker. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen created by Alan Moore

Mina Murray is a principal character from the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker. Although she was still married to Jonathan Harker at the end of the book, the version of Mina that appears in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has divorced Jonathan, and resumed her maiden name.

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