Miss Piggy

Grand Entrance

Alter Ego
Pigathius Lee, Pigkyrie, Wonder Pig, Bhor
International Diva Superstar, idol to millions, the woman behind the frog
Group Affiliations
The Muppets, Match Game panel, Low Key: Agent to the Stars
Base of Operations
The Muppet Theater
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game X
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game X, Traitor Game XVIII, Traitor Game Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
Bob and Karl, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Team Rocket, Baroness Paula Von Gunther, Richard the Warlock, Puppetmon, Ted Dibiase, and various Muppets
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
The toughest pig to ever chop a turkey in twain, world renowned actress/singer/model/diva
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What is to be said about the glamorous Miss Piggy? Not only is she an international diva, a renowned actress, a sensational singer, an unparalleled beauty, the epitome, of stardom, an unequaled performer, a Traitor Game veteran, and a goddess among the showbiz industry, but she also wrote this introduction!

Additionally, she is tre' modeste.

Although she is truly her own woman, she has been portrayed by Schornforce and Tommy had written her Award Show presentation. Deadpooligan, Indigo Al, and Tangentman may have also written a line or two in her group appearances.

General History Edit

Born to humble beginnings, born above a butcher shop, Pigathius Lee was said to have had a rough life with her share of heartbreak and downturns. However, she was determined to rise above this and take her rightful place in stardom. She worked her way up from chorus girl on 'The Muppet Show' to an international entertainment sensation. Despite her overwhelming fame and fortune, she has never forgotten the tiny, eensy-weensy show that gave her a start in the business and still performs regularly in the Muppet Theater. Some would argue that it's just to be close to 'her' frog, but said frog firmly denies anything other than a professional relationship and intermittent friendship/rivalry between the two.

Traitor Game X Edit

Miss Piggy's first appearance is onstage at the Muppet Theater where traditional hijinks occur. She vanished from the theater and made a dramatic entrance, thanks largely to The Ones Who Sit Above in the Shadows. She looked quite majestic... until she unceremoniously fell down, slightly squishing Bob and Karl. She seemed to recover quickly however, autographing Dwight Schrute's form and greeting the assembled players whom she'd assumed were her fans.

Mingling with the players, Piggy proceeded to be 'interviewed' by Roy Lincoln and Bob proceeded to crudely hit on her as Cyborg Santa semi-inadvertantly insulted her. Of course, Piggy had to assault Santa and Bob handily. Bob was far more affected by Piggy's blows than Santa, who seemed nonchalant about the whole thing.

Later, when space hillbillies known as The Ding-A-Ling clan attacked, Piggy screamed and fled-- until a few hillbillies decided to make fun of her and insult her weight. After the carnage ended, Piggy apparently grabbed Francine Smith in an unsolicited cameo, accusing her of eliminating Clooney Batman. After some sweet compliments from Peter Pan and his fairy, Bling, Piggy was sprinkled with pixie dust and could fly-- which meant everyone could see up her dress. This caused her happy thoughts to end and she dropped like an anvil in a Warner Bros. cartoon onto poor Bo.

After her fall, Piggy slipped into unconsciousness and dreamt of Fozzie Bear and his hilariously awful routine. Fortunately for Piggy's sanity, Tara Maclay woke the pig up and took her to Volstagg's tavern where the pig proceeded to gobble down sugary treats before being doused with banana cream pies due to Bob and Karl accidentally tripping Volstagg. However, before she could mete out sweet porcine justice, she got distracted by The Warners making a cameo appearance as the Warnjolnirs.

Bob, never learning his lesson, insulted Piggy again later, saved only by Yakko's fourth-wall-breaking intervention which left Piggy suitably dumbfounded. Dwight Schrute proceeded to attack, after being insulted which resulted in Rocky Balboa accidentally knocking Piggy out with a jab to her snout. Piggy once again fell into dreamland, this time focusing on 'her' frog. When she awoke, still groggy, Miss Piggy saw the 'At the Dance' skit from The Muppet Show carrying on with past Traitor Game characters in Muppet form.

Loki soon called upon Piggy for interrogation, but she just plain didn't get it. This soon evolved into Piggy strong arming Loki into being her agent. She mistakenly believes he is named 'Low-Key' and represents 'Miss Chiff' (mischief). Loki attempted to get her to sign her soul away for a choice contract, but his pen was out of ink. Piggy, being somewhat absent minded at times, turned her attention to signing an autograph for Thorpool and mistaking Goombella's tattle for a biography about her.

Traitor Game XVIII Edit

Miss Piggy was brought in to compete in Dwight Schrute's 'Match Game' and she, of course, answered questions with her usual flair. Foo-Foo, Piggy's beloved dog also would appear on occassion to assist her with her answers. At the end, when Mister B. Natural, Richard the Warlock, and Arcade with Mechagodzilla attacked the players and Match Game panel, Wonder Pig made her triumphant return to assist in defending the defenseless. Her unbreakable magic lasso, which as seen in Traitor Game X, forces any within its coils to crave desserts, held Richard fast and left him quite trussed up. Whether Richard still has the lasso or if it returns to Wonder Pig every time she appears has yet to be seen.

Traitor Game XX Edit

During the famed Time Woogie, Miss Piggy was one of the characters who *BLIP*ped in. She had overheard someone mention Froggy which piqued her interest, but she never met the Traitor Game player, as instead, she was greeted with insults from Ted Dibiase and Puppetmon. The latter, she had sent flying with a well-placed 'Piggy Pummel' which also left the violent Digimon cowering for much of the time woogie.

1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show Edit

Arriving on the red carpet with Kermit in tow, Miss Piggy greeted anyone who would listen with a promo for her latest Bhor epic. She also kept a leash (as much as she could, anyways) on Loki, who was still stuck as her agent.

Later on, Miss Piggy and Heidi Klum were on the scene to present the 'Best Rivalry' award. (Un)fortunately, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum resumed their bitter rivalry with Piggy caught in the middle. Losing her temper, Piggy showed them who was top diva around this joint and presented the award after the grim melee had ended.

But that wasn't all the fighting to be had, for in the line for the ladies' room, the various female characters of the Traitor Games began to brawl. Piggy ended up being caught in a fight against Squirrel Girl where no one could possibly be the winner.

After the awards had pretty much ended, Team Rocket proceeded to raid any leftovers in the abandoned snack stands, where their unintentionally porcine-related comments attracted the fury of the pig.

Future Appearances Edit

In Their Own Words Edit

Traitor Trivia Edit

Miss Piggy got at least one of her gowns from 'Lambchop's of Hollywood.'