Ms. Marvel


Alter Ego
Carol Susan Jane Danvers; (formerly) Warbird, Binary.
Government agent; Superheroine; former freelance writer; former resistance fighter in Shi'ar empire; former editor of 'Woman' Magazine; former security director of NASA; former USAF officer & spy.
Group Affiliations
The Mighty Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.; (formerly) Starjammers, USAF.
Base of Operations
Stark Tower II, New York City; (formerly) Seattle, WA, Shi'ar Empire.
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game VIII, Awards Show, XIV
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Agent (TG VIII), NPC
Powers and Abilities
Superhuman strength, durability, stamina, flight, photon blasts, ability to increase abilities by absorbing energy, "instant change" to costume; seasoned spy & military officer; marksmanship; accomplished pilot; journalist; hand-to-hand combat.
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General History Edit

Carol Susan Jane Danvers was born in Boston, MA. The only daughter of three children, Carol grew up in a household dominated by father Joe, where there were traditional expectations of women's roles. However, Carol's dreams were of a life beyond the limited imaginings of her father. Upon graduating high school, Carol entered the Air Force as a means of getting a college education. Her decision led to years of service in the military that resulted in accomplished espionage training and valuable connections.

After leaving the military, Carol became the Security Director for NASA in Cape Canaveral. In that role, she first met Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree, known as "Captain Marvel" on Earth. On one of Mar-Vell's adventures, Carol was subjected to the Kree "Psyche-Magnetron" device. The exotic technology rebuilt Carol cell-by-cell, granting her amazing powers of strength, flight, and prescience, while also endowing her with Kree knowledge. Several months later, Carol became the costumed crimefighter known as "Ms. Marvel".

Ms. Marvel made a name for herself in New York City, meeting several heroes, and ultimately joining the Avengers. Carol served with distinction, but her membership ended tragically with a bizarre unwanted pregnancy. Through insidious mind-control, Immortus' son, Marcus, took Carol away from the Avengers. Although Carol escaped Limbo, she fell into the hands of Rogue, a young mutant outlaw whose power allowed her to steal Carol's powers, personality, and memories. Only the intervention of Spider-Woman, and Professor Charles Xavier, saved Carol's life and sanity.

Over time, Carol gained new powers, left Earth, returned to Earth, experience fluctuations in power, and rejoined the Avengers. Throughout the years, Carol Danvers has faced multiple tragedies--loss of powers and self, alcoholism, court-martial, the tragic disbanding of the Avengers--only to overcome them stronger for the ordeal. True to expectations, one might say she met the Traitor Games with the same brand of perseverance.

Traitor Game VIII Edit

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