"It's Good To Be Bad!" was the twelfth installment of the Traitor Game. Notable for also reaching the Traitor Game's one year anniversary in the CBR Community Forums, this edition was hosted by The Purple Skull.

The setting for the game took place in SHIELD's maximum security prison, the Vault. Traitor Game XII showcased some of the most well-known villains in the multiverse.


The premise was simple enough. Colonel Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD, noticed a "Supervillain Infestation" all over the Multiverse. Seeing as how other authority figures have failed to quell the situation, Fury decided to take matters into his own hands.

During the annual Multiverse Affairs Conference, Fury announced that his Thunderbolts Initiative had been approved. The Thunderbolts Initiative was a three phase plan:

Phase 1 - SHIELD Strike Teams designed to counteract all forms of metahuman activity are dispatched to apprehend the villains of the Multiverse.

Phase 2 - Apprehended villains are then transferred to the Vault, located in a pocket dimension. There, they will take part in a rigorous rehabilitation program.

Phase 3 - If successful, they have the choice of either joining a SHIELD strike team or receive a full pardon and a new life. However, if they fail, they will be transferred to the underground facility known as the Raft. There, they will be mind-wiped and given a new identity. They will then work under SHIELD.

Many, of course, thought Fury was way in over his head. Sarge Steel in particular felt that Fury had finally lost it. Many also questioned the effectiveness of Fury's rehab program. However, Fury was adamant that his plan would work. In fact, his rehab program was something new and never thought of before. He even went as far as calling it a game.

It would only take 6 months for Nick Fury and his strike force to accomplish Phase 1. Fury had done it. Every villain in the Multiverse, all under one roof.

Traitors - Thunderbolts
Agents - Task Force X
Vigilante - The Assassin

Phase 2 could now begin...

The GameEdit

The Traitor Game XII went off without a hitch. As many previous Traitor Games, there were memorable interactions, unforgettable performances (especially from Taskmaster (Deadpooligan) and Batman of the Dark Knight Corps (Superheroic)), and a fun battle sequence involving the Sentinels. And since the setting was a supervillain prison, cameos from many famous supervillains were made throughout the game. TG XII was also notable for the second appearance of everyone's favorite duo, Bob & Karl. Now working as Fury's assistants, Bob & Karl had the tough task of interviewing prisoners of the Vault (See Rogue Profiles).

The final act proved to be an exciting one. In the end, the final Thunderbolt, Kammy Koopa (w/ Bowser in tow) outlasted everyone in the game. But the biggest plot twist of the game was "Nick Fury" revealed as Dirk Anger in disguise! However, Anger pulled his trump card by releasing all the prisoners of the Vault causing a supervillain riot like no other. With the help of the villains involved in the rehab program along with the timely intervention of Nextwave, the villains were placed back in their cells and Dirk Anger was arrested. The real Nick Fury gave full pardons to those who assisted in restoring order in the Vault. Unfortunately, Bob & Karl accidentally reopened the cells, leading to quite possibly the biggest breakout in the history of the Multiverse. Oops!

Residents Of The VaultEdit

  • Dirk Anger Disguised As Nick Fury (Marvel) - The Purple Skull [Host]
  • Batman of the Dark Knight Corps (DC Variant) - Superheroic
  • Mini-Venom (Mini-Marvels) - Joe Acro
  • Taskmaster (Marvel) - Deadpooligan
  • Bizarro #1 (DC) - Schornforce
  • Bowser and Kammy Koopa (Paper Mario) - Chris Lang
  • Gogo Yubari (Kill Bill) - GoGo Yubari
  • Terra - Tara Markov (DC) - tangentman
  • D'Spayre (Marvel) - Albert
  • Dorian Gray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) - Indigo Al
  • Warduke and Nightmare (Dungeons & Dragons) - Cthulhudrew
  • Souther (Fist of the North Star) - Kevin M.
  • The Groovy Gang (Venture Bros.) - Tommy
  • Wild Dog (Time Crisis) - Eternal Torment
  • Ventriloquist & Scarface (DC) - Overmaster
  • Black Adam (DC) - darkkeeperjr
  • Vulture (Marvel) - moonknight2099
  • Professor Plum (Clue) - BoosterBronze
  • The Mooninites (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) - Donald M.
  • Thanos (Marvel) - beetheb
  • Thief & The Light Warriors (8-Bit Theater) - God of Awesome
  • Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - KamenRaida
  • Eric Cartman (South Park) - Lord of Nonsensical Crap
  • Lobo (DC) - Forefinger
  • Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight (The Tick) - Jeff-E
  • the former Crimson King (Samurai Deeper Kyo) - Crimson King
  • Cell (Dragonball) - Jermyn
  • Joker (DC) - Hitokiri
  • Lex Luthor (DC/Superfriends)- First Kill NPC

Rogue ProfilesEdit

Throughout the game, players were treated with segments called Rogue Profiles. The majority of these segments involved Bob & Karl (the other three segments involving Lex Luthor and Dani Moonstar). In the Rogue Profile, Bob & Karl interviewed various prisoners of the Vault. Of course, this is Bob & Karl we're talking about, so it was no surprise that much hilarity ensued.

Profiles Coming Soon!

Traitor Game ConnectionsEdit

Traitor Game XII had various characters that have appeared in other Traitor Games.

  • Various role players in the ongoing Limbo Legion Saga made appearances here. Vandal Savage, Thorpool, the Rogue Watcher and Donald were secretly among the prisoners. Bizarro #1, a player from the game, would also be the newest member recruited by the Limbo Legion. The host of the game, Dirk Anger, is also figured to play a role in Traitor Game XX.
  • Bob & Karl, who made their debut in Traitor Game X, were now working for SHIELD. Of course, that did not last very long. They too are involved in the Limbo Legion Saga.
  • Dani Moonstar, a SHIELD agent in this game, would become a player in Traitor Game XVIII: Reality Bites!
  • Project Traitor Game hosted by Heidi Klum would prove to be a catalyst that started the Traitor Game XVI: Whom The Gods Would Destroy!
  • Dick Dastardly made his second appearance in this Traitor Game, this time as a prisoner of the Vault (his first appearance being Traitor Game VII: A Galaxy Far, Far Away as a player). Dastardly would make another appearance in the Traitor Game XIV: Legion.
  • Speaking of Traitor Game XIV: Legion, two members of Batman's Legion were held prisoner in the Vault: Bat-Mite and Iago. It turns out Bat-Mite was kept 'prisoner' for the main purpose of finding and retrieving Iago.
  • Terra met Ryan O'Reilly in the prison showers. O'Reilly would later show up in Traitor Game XVIII as a player character. Terra also resurfaced for a brief cameo in The 1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show. O'Reilly also briefly encountered Nightmare in the prison basement.
  • Dr. Evil made his first appearance in this Traitor Game as a prisoner of the Vault. He is set to return as a player (along with #2) in the Traitor Game XX: Challenge Of The Limbo Legion.
  • This game marked the team up between Veruca Salt and Duchess who will be pulling hosting duties in Traitor Game XXII
  • Don Karnage also made his first appearance in this Traitor Game as a prisoner of the Vault. He is slated to appear in Traitor Game XXIV: A Traitor's Life For Me.
  • Dr. Doom was also prisoner in the Vault. He had already made appearances in the Traitor Game V: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Traitor as a player, and as a host in Traitor Game VI: Back To Basics. He's also made cameos in other Traitor Games. He is set to make another appearance in the Traitor Game XXV: Crisis!
  • Another prisoner, Cobra Commander, is also set to make an appearance in the Traitor Game XXV: Crisis!
  • Shego made her first appearance in a brief cameo as one of the players in Gogo Yubari's card game. She proceeded to become a player character in Traitor Game XV.
  • Zombie Spider-Man, who was held at the Vault along with other Marvel Zombies, escaped at the end of the game and would soon afterwards play a role in the Traitor Game XIII.

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