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Traitor Game VIII: How Low Can You Limbo?
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TGVIII, 1st Annual Traitor Game Award Show, TGXIII (Upcoming)
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Same as Batman, only EVIL!
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Young Thomas Wayne, Jr. witnessed the murder of both his mother and younger brother, Bruce, at the hands of the Gotham City Police. He escapes with the help of the criminal Joe Chill. Learning that his father had survived and blaming him for the deaths of his mother and brother, Thomas devotes his life to becoming Owlman and getting vengeance upon his father.

General History Edit

Born in the Anti-Matter Universe where Evil is Good and Good is Evil, Owlman and his Crime Syndicate of Amerika teammates rule the world.

Owlman was summoned to his first Traitor Game, TGVIII, shortly after the events of JLA: Earth2.

Traitor Game VIII Edit

1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show Edit

Traitor Game XXIII Edit

At the conclusion of TGXXIII, Owlman was apparently left for dead by Batman. However, he was soon discovered by a Red Lantern Ring and selected to be a member of the Red Lantern Corps.

Owlman's sole thought now is to kill Batman.


Red Lantern of Sector Minus One.

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