"Power Ring" redirects here. For the antimatter universe Green Lantern, see Power Ring (CSA).

Power Rings are powerful tools originally designed for universal law enforcement by the Guardians of the Universe. They are capable of a variety of things, from projecting energy blasts and forming force fields to creating unique hard-light constructs based on the user's imagination and concentration. Power Rings, though powerful and resourceful, are often limited by the need of a semi-regular charge through the use of a Power Battery, patterned on a Lantern-shaped design.

Several character participants in the Traitor Games use a Power Ring by routine, but occasionally are chosen as ringbearers, coming into contact with the Rings through legitimate, synthetic, or other means;

Green, Willpower based, Power Ring wielders:

One of Hank Henshaw's Power Rings, From TG XVI.

Yellow, Fear based, Power Ring wielders:
Upon Henshaw's incapacitation after killing a Lawbringer, his Power Rings sought new bearers[1];
Violet, Love based, Power Ring wielders:
Red, Rage based, Power Ring wielders:
  • Asuka Langley Soryu, as played by OverMaster in Traitor Game XVI: Whom the Gods Would Destroy! (Synthetic)
  • Timon, as played by OverMaster in Traitor Game XVIII: Reality Bites!
  • Owlman as played by Superheroic in Traitor Game XXIII: Dangling Ploplines!
Orange, Greed based, Power Ring wielders:
Black, Death based, Power Ring wielders:
He used his powers to add new corpses to his Corps;