Severus Snape


Alter Ego
Professor Snape
Potions teacher among others...
Group Affiliations
Order of the Phoenix, Death Eaters, Hogwarts Staff
Base of Operations
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XI
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XI, Traitor Game XV, Traitor Game XVII, 1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
pretty much everyone, Harry Potter, The Warners, James Potter and his 'ilk'
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Incredibly gifted wizard, exceedingly skilled in potions making, brave, intelligent
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Please note that Severus Snape is not to be confused with Potter Puppet Pals Snape.

Snape is known as 'Mister Warmth' of the Traitor Games... okay, not really. Not at all, in fact. He looks at the majority of the beings he has met through these games with complete and utter contempt as though they were a pile of dung he'd just stepped in. There are a handful of exceptions, but those, while most notable, are few and far between. Severus Snape was portrayed by Schornforce.

General History Edit

Severus Snape was not a popular young man when he attended Hogwarts. It had been well known for much of his life that he 'fancied' the Dark Arts. As such, he was often tormented mercilessly by James Potter, father to Harry Potter. James' cohorts Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew didn't make life easier for Severus either.

Snape was quite gifted when it came to wizardry and had perfected his style of potion-making and is quite skilled with spellcasting as well. He can hide his thoughts and invade others' with his skill in Legilmency and Occulmency.

Eventually, the outcast Snape fell in with Lord Voldemort's followers and became a Death Eater. Later on, he seemed to regret his actions and agreed to assist Albus Dumbledore. Snape became Hogwart's professor of potions and head of Slytherin house. His lingering hatred and contempt for James Potter found renewed focus when Hogwarts received their most famed student, the legendary boy who lived, Harry Potter.

Emnity between the two seethed for years. Snape attempted to teach Harry Occulmency, but their overwhelming mutual loathing put an end to that. However, after Harry was captured by Dolores Umbridge, Snape set about notifying members of the Order of the Phoenix and at Albus Dumbledore's behest, set out into the woods to try and find Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

In the woods, however, Snape was whisked into a portal which spirited him to his first Traitor Game.

Traitor Game XI Edit

After Snape's disappearance, he ended up with the other players on Charon's planet. True to form, Snape stayed hidden as best he could and observed, before making himself known and quickly did his best to belittle the others-- pointing out the dangers of eating untested food in an alien environment. After the first kill, Snape led the others to explore some nearby huts where Snape removed spices, presumably for use in potions.

Despite his perpetually rude and arrogant demeanor, Snape seemed to clam up around Wonder Woman for reasons unexplained and unfortunately soon ended up a victim of the game's vigilante. Snape became an ethereal ghost and continued to try and assist the others... his own, typical way. He had a disastrous potions lesson with Nikki/Jessica Sanders and an unfortunate run-in with the Warners who see him as their favorite teacher. Snape slowly became friends with Doctor Eric Vornoff who had possessed the beheamoth assistant Lobo (not to be confused with DC Comics' Lobo). Snape also attempted to possess Lobo to little success.

Snape became increasingly enraged over the players' incompetence and the vigilante's erratic and highly questionable kills. Eventually, after the murder of Wonder Woman, Snape became so enraged, he issued a bit of poltergeist-like activity and angrily told the players that they didn't deserve his help and left...

...with one exception. Snape helped save Tor-noff from an attacking creature and then the ghost of Snape dissapated, moving 'on'-- an event that perplexed even Charon, who reasoned Snape must have consciously made the decision to dissapate. When the other ghosts were revived at the end of the game, Snape stayed dead. His wand was passed from Tia Dalma to Rat from 'Pearls Before Swine.'

It is currently unknown exactly what happened to Snape after that moment, but in Albert's epilogue for Vornoff, a scene set in the future confirmed that the Doctor had many fond memories of the Traitor Game and still held Snape's wisdom in high regard.


Snape. Snape. Sev-er-us Snape...

Traitor Game XV Edit

Albus Dumbledore's sole plan for this game was the resurrection of Severus Snape. From the beginning to the end, the game was merely a means to an end-- almost a diversion for Dumbledore's true goal. It began with the retrieval of Snape's wand from The Traitor Game Lost And Found after it had been determined that Rat no longer had it. About midway through the game, Dumbledore was killed. Having died, Dumbledore was now free to journey to Snape and retrieve him. After doing so, Dumbledore mentioned that he had done something horrible to rescue his ally. Snape didn't seem to remember anything of his adventures when he revived at game's end. But the reason for that could partially be due to the fact that Dumbledore had left him in the care of the Warners.

Snape was returned just a little bit after he'd initially left to search the woods prior to Game XI, to fit him back into continuity when Snape runs into Harry and Draco near the end of 'Order of the Phoenix.'



Traitor Game XVII Edit

When the players were unexpectedly sent to chaperone a dance at Hogwarts, Snape was onhand to chaperone the chaperones. He did so by attacking Bamf and Jessie of Team Rocket. He'd sent both of them sprawling with a spell, then proceeded to bully the both of them. Jessie was dazed so it wasn't as fiery a confrontation as it could have been, but Bamf swore revenge against the potions master. Bamf has yet to enact the promised vengeance.

Later, the Snow Queen attacked Hogwarts with an army. Snape took charge of casting protection charms on the windows of the school while other faculty members attempted an evacuation of underaged students. Marvin the Paranoid Android noted that Snape's voice sounded awfully familiar and both Snape and Marvin had some minor courteous respect of each other. Dale Gribble told Snape of the portal the Snow Queen's army came through. Snape reluctantly accompanied Dale in the Bugbago to the portal where Snape proceeded to magically close it. Dale seemed to consider Snape as his new friend-- an idea that Snape probably would have detested, had he bothered to notice.

Once the portal closed and the Snow Queen and her army were defeated, the players all vanished from Hogwarts, leaving the faculty to clean up.

Later, in Dale Gribble's epilogue, Snape is mentioned in the conversation between Dale and Dumbledore. The events in the 'Hogwarts' section of this game occur prior to Game XI. Dale's epilogue conversation, however, happens after Game XV.


I don't like ANY of you muggles who are reading this.

Traitor Game XXEdit

When the time woogie hit, Bat-Mite was blipped out, and in blipped Snape. It would seem Snape was doing something important when he was unceremoniously shunted off to Limbo. The prerequisite misunderstanding between characters occurred and Snape prepared to face off against Batman. The fight never began, however, as they were interrupted by Havik and Charfuuma who were acting on their master, Kefka's behalf. After Batman and Snape attempted to attack Havik and Charfuuma, The Joker appeared and decided to re-team with Kefka and his ilk. Snape made the mistake of attempting legilimens against the Joker. Joker's insanity sent Severus into a catatonic state and he dropped his wand which rolled over to Dumbledore. Dumbledore and Willow Rosenberg assisted Batman and Snape against Kefka and his minions with help from Tara Maclay and Jafar.

Snape eventually recovered and spouted continuous insults at both Willow and Tara, but once Kefka was defeated, it would seem Snape and Dumbledore were discussing something while Willow and Tara helped others. Snape promised to remember what Dumbledore had said and both wizards helped Willow and Tara banish Shuma-Gorath. Finally, Snape sent a stunning spell at the powered-up Vandal Savage before the time woogie eventually came to a dramatic end.

1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show Edit

Snape, after having had his hair done by Bunny (one of Ed Wood's friends), assisted Doctor Vornoff in presenting the 'Best Dramatic Moment' award. Both were forced to tell VERY lame jokes until Snape had enough and destroyed the teleprompter, causing Vornoff to face his inability to improvise. Vornoff's appearance was a compromise and an homage, as Albert had given permission for Tor-noff to be used in Traitor Game XIV but Albert disappeared unannounced shortly before. It was meant to be a tip of the hat to such a great player.

Snape's appearance in the awards is not in any continuity with his other appearances in the Traitor Games.

Future Appearances Edit

Snape is slated to host a Traitor Game of his own once all the Harry Potter movies have been released. The game will involve Lord Voldemort heavily and will (hopefully) tie the Traitor Game continuity involving the Harry Potter universe together and explain the gaps in what had occurred to Snape and to Dumbledore.

In Their Own Words Edit

"Without a doubt, this insipid game was full of witless dolts who I surmise could not survive a simple muggle track meet. It is only through my intellect and assistance with some help from Doctor Vornoff and the 'Wonder Woman' that there were ANY survivors.

Truly, I shall look back upon every experience with these events with a loathing and contempt that I have shared only by that infuriating Potter boy

...and those bizarre Kneazle-headed Warner children."

Traitor Trivia Edit

For the awards show, Snape's hair was feathered like Farrah Fawcett's.

If in a delusional or incoherent state, Snape tends to spout out lines from various Alan Rickman movies. He must be a fan.

Both Dumbledore and the Warners have said that Snape receives random visits from Yakko, Wakko, and Dot often... much to Snape's horror.

Hermione Granger made a brief appearance in Game XI, but Snape didn't acknowledge her. The explanation Schornforce gave was that Snape knows she thrives on attention and would attempt to deprive her of this. Also, he wouldn't really trust her to get word to Dumbledore of his situation. Once again, his general dislike for Harry's friends and Gryffindors for that matter get in the way of common sense.

Snape saw Negi Springfield as a colleague he could address, despite Negi's young age. Oddly enough, Negi was a traitor and Snape never suspected. So much for Legilmens.