Alter Ego
Jessica Drew; (former aliases) Ariadne Hyde, Arachne
Private Investigator; Vigilante; ex-bounty hunter; ex-spy
Group Affiliations
The New Avengers; S.H.I.E.L.D.; Drew & McCabe Resolutions; occasional ally of Wolverine; formerly HYDRA
Base of Operations
New York City; (formerly) San Francisco, Madripoor, Los Angeles
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game I, XIV
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Traitor Game XIV - Vigilante ("The Dark Knight")
Powers and Abilities
Assorted spider-like abilities: superhuman strength, speed, agility, enhanced hearing, flight, wall-crawling, immunity to most poisons & certain radiation, pheromones, bio-electric "venom blast"; detective & espionage; knows several languages and formally trained in hand-to-hand combat techniques; handguns; mistress of disguise.
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Marvel Comics

General History Edit

When Jessica Drew suffered uranium poisoning as a child, her father, scientist Jonathon Drew, subjected her to a spider-based serum intended to serve as an antidote. Combined with the future High Evolutionary's own genetic accelerator, young Jessica was placed in a cryogenic freeze. Decades later, she emerged as a teenage girl with clouded memories and spider-like powers! After a strained life among the Evolutionary's "New Men", Jessica went out to live in a nearby Balkan community. A tragic accident involving her uncontrollable "venom blast" set the villagers into a frenzy. They nearly lynched Jessica, if not for the timely intervention of Count Otto Vermis.

Vermis took in Jessica as his ward, initiating her into the terrorist cult of HYDRA! Jessica received training in mastery of her powers, espionage, and martial arts. Vermis groomed Jessica, intending to exploit her as his personal assassin. As "Arachne", Jessica chose a red costume that set her apart from the conformist ranks of HYDRA. This was the first sign of her nascent rebelliousness. The latter occurred when Jessica compromised her first mission: assassinating S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury! During their fight, Fury exposed the truth about HYDRA, and Jessica refused to kill him. In short time, Jessica turned on Count Vermis, severing her ties with HYDRA.

For a short time afterward, Jessica believed Vermis' lie--that she wasn't human, but an artificially evolved spider! A series of adventures in London with Benjamin Grimm (aka "The Thing") brought Jessica into contact with Modred the Mystic. Modred's spells unlocked the truth, setting Jessica on a quest to find her missing father. Along the way, she started going by the codename "Spider-Woman", made an arch-enemy in Morgan Le Fey, and hooked up with allies who took her to America.

Relocating in Los Angeles, Spider-Woman encountered a slew of bizarre criminals and freaks of nature. She also made a few valuable allies, such as the Werewolf by Night and The Shroud. Jessica foundered as she sought a direction in life; she went through a string of dead-end jobs, even working as a bounty hunter. Finally, at the urging of best friend Lindsay McCabe, Jessica moved to San Francisco. There, she became a private investigator, finally finding a purpose in her life. During this time, Spider-Woman made valuable friends in the X-Men, Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel, the Avengers, Bill Foster/Giant-Man, and Tigra.

After a successful run of adventures, though, Morgan Le Fey struck back at Spider-Woman. A spell was cast barring Jessica's soul from her body; only the timely intervention of Shroud, Tigra, the Avengers and Dr. Strange saved her life. Sadly, that victory came at the cost of her spider-powers. For some time afterward, Jessica lived as an ordinary civilian. Gradually, her powers slowly returned over an unspecified course of time.

When Wolverine briefly took a leave of absence in the island nation of Madripoor, he met Jessica Drew there on a case. Jessica & Lindsay McCabe set up shop in Madripoor, often lending valuable assistance to Wolverine on certain cases. Eventually, a particularly dangerous case resulted in Jessica suffering a beating that required her immediate return to the States. She returned to California with McCabe to recover. When Jessica was kidnapped by an otherworldly demon, McCabe recruited the help of Spider-Woman II, Julia Carpenter, and together, the women broke free. Jessica expressed interest in returning to her "Spider-Woman" identity.

Again, Fate had other plans for Jessica, when Charlotte Witter attacked the various women who'd operated as "Spider-Woman". Witter briefly stole Jessica's powers, but Drew's powers again gradually returned some time later. However, they were erratic, often deserting Jessica at inopportune moments. Still, that didn't stop Drew from helping Jessica Jones rescue Mattie Franklin, the teenaged third "Spider-Woman", from superhuman drug dealers who'd cannibalized her body for their powers.

Immediately afterward, Jessica was accosted by a mysterious psychic calling himself "Connelly". The mystery man offered Drew a veritable "Deal from the Devil": regain her powers in exchange for rejoining HYDRA. The alternative was a terrible death; feeling trapped, Jessica agreed to Connelly's terms. At the same time, Nick Fury approached Jessica with his own offer--rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D. as a double agent. Jessica played a dangerous game, spying on S.H.I.E.L.D. for HYDRA, and in turn spying on HYDRA for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Shortly afterward, Jessica was scheduled for the surgery that would fully return her powers, and set her on the path to the formation of the "New Avengers".

Traitor Game I Edit

Spider-Woman's first appearance in the Traitor Games happened in the very first game. Drafted as part of an eclectic cast, Spider-Woman found herself thrust into a strange murder mystery game. Jessica paid attention to the players, keeping a close eye on the unlikely suspects. Her strategy paid off when she exposed Ambush Bug as a Traitor. A humorous feud erupted as a result, although it was largely forgotten when she next appeared in the series.

Note from tangentman: It might interest new players to know that the first two Traitor Games weren't as keen on the roleplaying aspect. While an effort was made (including my portrayal of Spider-Woman), the games were still new. At that point, we were just feeling out the process. We were still working out the mechanics--the roleplaying we've come to know and love would come a little later.

Traitor Game XIV Edit

Spider-Woman next appeared as a player character in Traitor Game XIV: "Legion". The game, hosted by Schornforce, roughly coincided with the first anniversary of the Traitor Games. Many players chose to reprise past characters for this special edition. Tangentman went with Spider-Woman as a nod to the very first character he ever played in a Traitor Game. Along for the ride was Emmma Frost, one of his favorite (and perhaps, most popular) TG characters, as the designated "NPC" allowed for each player.

The premise of the game was Batman attempting to stop the Traitor Games as a result of the multiple deaths various "Batmen" across the Multiverse had suffered. Helping him were a band of characters from different movies, cartoons, comic books, and TV shows. Player characters were held captive in the Batcave, while the NPCs were imprisoned in a force-cage. Spider-Woman was among the cast, while Emma attempted to help behind the scenes.

For the game, Spider-Woman was one of the characters assigned a special role. Jessica attempted to oppose the Traitors as "The Dark Knight", this game's nickname for "The Vigilante" role. She participated in the earliest investigation, sharing what she knew about Traitor Games. Given Emma's...provocative nature, Spider-Woman was often forced to negotiate conflicts as the voice of reason. Jessica often questioned Batman's methods and motives, no doubt an annoyance to the host.

Unfortunately, Spider-Woman's luck from TG I didn't extend to her short time as "The Dark Knight". Her first--and only--victim was Rorschach, who turned out to be innocent. Immediately afterward, Spider-Woman slipped on spilled milk and was crushed by the giant penny in the Batcave. Yes, you read that right. However, that's a Traitor Game for you, where character deaths are not always necessarily PIS-free.

Still, Spider-Woman attempted to help out anyway, despite the unfortunate turn of events. She shared her opinions about suspicious-looking characters, and worked via telepathic link with Emma to protect innocent players during the various crises that arose. Jessica was more even-tempered than Emma, but that didn't stop her from bluntly speaking her mind when fellow players such as Hal Jordan stepped on her toes. Despite killing Rorschach, the two still worked out a truce in order to search out Traitors.

During the "Boss Battles", Spider-Woman proved a valuable ally. When an army of Batman's rogues gallery escaped from Arkham Asylum, Spider-Woman didn't hesitate to jump into battle. Jessica defeated Jack Nicholson's Joker, Man-Bat, Dr. Double-X, and a Poison Ivy in her fights. Later, when Spider-Woman was chosen to fight a life-like Batman "clone", her helped prove valuable in defeating the "Boss". At the end, when Emperor Joker was revealed as the true villain, Spider-Woman risked her life to draw fire from the others. When Kefka summoned his army of killer clowns, Spider-Woman defeated Stephen King's Pennywise, with help from Ms. Marvel, Faith the Vampire Slayer, and Rogue.

Players were rewarded for their help at game's end with a wish granted by Belldandy's family. When her turn came, Spider-Woman wished for a second chance at life for Captain America. Jessica parted on reasonable terms with most of the players. The epilogue showed Spider-Woman's first week as a member of the Mighty Avengers, wherein she mused that "it was still saner than a Traitor Game!"

1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show Edit

Unfortunately, Spider-Woman sat out the 1st Awards show. Originally, Tangentman planned on a brief scene showing Anita Blake & Spider-Woman hiding backstage. It would be clear both women were there against their will. Knowing all too well the fractious nature of the Games, they would try their level best to keep interactions brief by keeping out of the spotlight. The player intended it as a sort of metaphor for the "misfits/wallflowers" at the school dance--either too awkward or "too cool" to hang out with the rest of the "kids". Both women would crack jokes about the unrulier, more annoying players. In that moment, Spider-Woman would share a moment of "perfect understanding" with Anita Blake.

Unfortunately, real-life situations the player's involvement to a minimum. Thus, that scene was considered "deleted" for all intents and purposes.

However, Jessica made a cameo when 30th Century reporter Lois Lang traveled in time to interview my past characters. Lois interrupted Spider-Woman breaking into Avengers Tower. Caught off-guard, Jessica indulged Lois with a terse interview, before resuming her mission to carry Skrullektra's body to Tony Stark.

No. In MY world, that was NOT Veranke in a classic Spider-Woman costume.

Thoughts on Alternate Universes Edit

Due to my...issues...with Secret Invasion, my portrayal of Spider-Woman may be considered an AU variant until further notice.