Traitor Game I, also called the Comic Book Universe Traitor Game, or Traitor Game I: The Search For Unimaginable Power, was the first in what would become a series of crazy crossover whodunnit RPGs.

The first Traitor Game was originally titled 'The Comic Book Universe Traitor Game'. The premise was simple and minimal. The Beyonder (of 'Secret Wars' fame) teleported a bunch of characters from different comic book universes to a house in an undisclosed location. One of the characters was a Traitor who was out to do in the others. As this game had only one Traitor, one Agent (called a SHIELD Agent in that game) and eleven other characters, the first Traitor Game was also the shortest Traitor Game to date. It was, however, long enough for some comedy, and a fun feud between Spider-Woman and Ambush Bug (the latter of whom was the Traitor, by the way).

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