Traitor Game II resembled TGI in that it once again was hosted by the Beyonder (played by the Purple Skull), and that the emphasis was mostly on comic book characters (with one exception -- see below). Sometimes referred to as 'Traitor Game II: Electric Boogaloo', the host and the setting were the same. However, this was also the first Traitor Game with three Traitors. This made it considerably harder for the non-Traitors, since if one of the Traitors were voted out, the others would continue in their murderous deeds until all were caught or they ran out of targets. However, there were also two Agents to 'guess' the identities of the Traitors.

This was the first TG that had a OC (original character) in the form of Lenny the Fly Funk Snatcher (played by Lord S). Just who Lenny the Fly Funk Snatcher was remained a mystery for some time, as only vague hints about his personality (and none of his abilities) were dropped here and there.

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