Traitor Game III: Governmental Ties expanded the scope of the Traitor Games. No longer were they limited to merely comic book characters. Now players were invited to play characters from movies, television, and other fantasy, superhero, and sci-fi mediums in addition to comic book characters.

Hosted by Joe Acro, this was the first Traitor Game with an extended 'meet and greet' session, allowing everyone the chance to roleplay their characters and give the characters a chance to get to know each other before the mayhem began.

Cast of charactersEdit

  • Constantine - Jerry Kraut
  • Batman - literally exaggerated
  • Spider Jerusalem - jessecuster2
  • Obelix the Gaul - Motormouse
  • Ambush Bug - Jack Zodiac
  • Faith Lehane - tangentman
  • Mr. Spock - darkkeeperjr
  • Hulk Hogan - BYC
  • Spider-Man - Pheonix-NoRelation
  • Dr. Orpheus - Nomad
  • Brock Samson - GrimShadow
  • Prince Zuko - Young Avenger
  • The Shadow - Magneto_X
  • Wolverine - Sophisticated_Gamer
  • The Ninth Doctor - Sean Whitmore
  • Riza Hawkeye - Legato
  • Invincible - Avalanche
  • Saint of Killers - Hush Little Batman
  • Lobo - Forefinger
  • Robotman - Aaron King
  • Deadpool - Deadpooligan

This game was also notable for the debut of the Rogue Watcher, played by The Purple Skull. The Rogue Watcher was the first Inquisitor of the Traitor Game. One player would be randomly chosen and explain why they are not one of the Traitors. The role of the Inquisitor would continue on in future Traitor Games.

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