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Cast Edit

  • Human Bomb I – The walking nuclear reactor of the Freedom Fighters
  • Synch – Member of the mutant team Generation X
  • Dream – Personification of dreams, storytelling, and reality
  • Rorschach – Detective from the world of the Watchmen
  • Brock Samson – Super strong and super manly bodyguard from Venture Bros.
  • Black Mage – Mystic from 8-Bit Theater
  • Green Lantern (Jordan) – Hal Jordan, the greatest GL of them all!
  • Ezekiel – The man with spider-like abilities from the Spider-Man comics
  • Iron Man (Ultimate) – Technological genius and playboy, Tony Stark from the Ultimate Universe
  • Mumm-Ra – Villain from the popular cartoon, Thundercats
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – Peter Parker with symbiote suit!
  • Braniac 5 – 12th level intellect member of the Legion of Superheroes
  • Scourge – Villain killing vigilante of the Marvel Universe
  • Captain Universe (Madea Simmons) – Think Tyler Perry’s character merged with the Uni-Power. Scary thoughts.
  • Black Bolt – Silent, but powerful monarch of the Inhumans
  • Super Mario – Legendary plumber/hero of the Nintendo Universe
  • Terror, Inc. – Immortal anti-hero who can attach dismembered limbs on his body... gross.
  • Ambush Bug – Fourth-Wall breaking whacko from the DC Universe
  • Death's Head I – Cyborg from the year 2020
  • Jimmy Kudo – Detective from the manga, Case Closed
  • Snake Charmer (Kill Bill) – The main antagonist of Kill Bill
  • Moon Knight – Vigilante with multiple personalties imbued with the power of Khonshu
  • Earth-2 Superman – The revered and respected Golden Age Superman
  • Captain Atom – Another walking nuclear reactor

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