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Traitor Game VII: A Galaxy Far, Far, Away was the first Traitor Game to have two 'host' characters present throughout the game. There was the 'benevolent' co-host who hired the Agents and the Vigilante, and the 'antagonist' co-host who hired the Traitors. Hosted by Chris Lang, this scenario was set on Tatooine, in and around the palace of Darth Jubba the Sith Hutt (a cousin of Jabba the Hutt who'd become proficient in the Dark Side of the Force).

The scenario had some setup during the previous game, in Chris Lang's prologue and epilogue featuring Ukyo Kuonji and Cologne (of Ranma 1/2). Darth Jubba was seen viewing the proceedings in the prologue, but was not hinted at again until the epilogue, when a mysterious package of DVDs arrived at Cologne's Chinese restaurant in Nerima, Japan. The DVDs featured highlights from the game, and according to the message attached, were sent in advance of payment by 'DJTSH'.

After a later message told her where to meet, Cologne found the interdimensional portal leading her to Darth Jubba's palace on Tatooine. It appeared Darth Jubba was not only taking over his late cousin's criminal organizations, but the Galactic Empire as well, and was determined to expand his operations into other dimensions. It turns out Darth Jubba had been given a mysterious 'Interdimensional Device' by a mysterious being, and was using it to access other dimensions.

Having seen the last two Traitor Games through his interdimensional monitors, Darth Jubba invited Cologne to co-host a game with him. Cologne, determined to stop Darth Jubba, accepted the challenge. As the 'protagonist' host, she chose two 'Rebel Alliance' members (Agents) and a Bounty Hunter (Vigilante) to oppose Jubba's 'Imperial Stormtroopers' (Traitors).

Banished and otherwise eliminated players were sent to Dagobah, since Immortus had forbid the hosts from using Limbo as a holding pen. Both Tatooine and Dagobah were the scene of a later 'battle exercise' involving Sandpeople and Battledroids (some of the Sandpeople were also banished to Dagobah for this purpose, since Sandpeople are not native to Dagobah).

This game featured plenty of incredible roleplaying moments. Emma Frost (played by tangentman) and Dick Dastardly (played by The Purple Skull) were especially show-stealers. A bizarre coincidental moment in TG history happened when Emma accurately identified all three Traitors early in the game. Thanks to a partnership between Emma & Willow (the "Vigilante"), the Traitors were all soundly defeated by game's end. Afterward, several players wrote up an engaging "boss battle finale" with the heroic players vs. Darth Jubba.


Recap, of sorts, was provided by Ukyo Kuonji and a few others in Nerima, who viewed the proceedings on a giant television screen Darth Jubba had set up in Nerima Park.

The boss battle finale came about thanks to input from tangentman, Schornforce, and Eternal Torment, who wanted their characters to play a part in giving Darth Jubba his comeuppance. The host, Chris Lang, liked the idea, especially since the previous few Traitor Games involved other NPCs who hadn't even been in the game coming out of left field to defeat the antagonist host. Chris Lang, finding those previous endings anticlimatic, worked with those players to create an ending where players and NPCs (who'd been part of the story the whole time) worked together to defeat Darth Jubba (whose Imperial Stormtroopers were defeated, but he refused to give up the Dimensional Device without a fight).

Tangentman supplied the whole 'psychic confrontation' sequence between Jubba and Emma Frost, and the others contributed ideas that were worked into the ending.

Though this is, in the view of Chris Lang, the conclusion to the Cologne Trilogy, Cologne has made a few cameos in later games, and was reprised by Chris Lang in Traitor Game XIV.

During the epilogue, Cologne met with one of the mysterious 'powers that be' behind the games, a white-robed figure. The figure claimed that the Traitor Games are a 'test of character' for everyone (players and hosts alike). Every character in a Traitor Game desires something, though not everyone will get their wish. Being put through a Traitor Game may give those characters the internal strength to either succeed in their goals or get over their disappointments. Of course, it doesn't work in all cases.

In the course of this game, it is revealed that Darth Jubba has been distributing DVD compilations of Batman's humiliating Traitor Game deaths, titled 'The Many Deaths of Batman'. Just where Darth Jubba obtained the footage for this DVD was not clear, especially since (as established in his prologue and backstory) he had only seen two Traitor Games prior to the one he hosted. Schornforce later explained that Emperor Joker supplied Darth Jubba with the footage, and saw to it that the DVDs continued to be distributed after Jubba's demise, but the explanation never made it into the actual Traitor Game XIV and ended up in the appendix materials.

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The special 'first victim' NPC in this scenario was Wesley Crusher, and of course he was played as an absurd, over-the-top parody.

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