In most of the previous Traitor Games, banished or otherwise eliminated players were sent to Limbo (the major exceptions being Traitor Game V and Traitor Game VII). Immortus, the Lord of Limbo, however, was not pleased with his realm being used as a holding pen for eliminated Traitor Game players. And furthermore, the transferring of players to Limbo had caused an energy flux, leading to distortions in Limbo. This only worsened with the addition of viewing screens allowing people to communicate with those in Limbo.

After Traitor Game VI, Immortus had had enough. He forbid Darth Jubba the Sith Hutt (antagonist host of Traitor Game VII) from using Limbo as a place of banishment, and then began work on repairing the damage. He did so by gathering many different beings from across reality and stole their varied energies to seal the breeches. Since the group of beings were trapped in Limbo until he released them, Immortus decided to hold a Traitor Game of his own, one that would not harm Limbo. Three of his Space Phantoms secretly replaced three of the players and acted as his Traitors. There were two Agents and one Vigilante, who were more or less normal.

The game's highlights included Goombella's giving out information on just about every character in the game via 'tattles', Chairman Kaga's crazy feud with Owlman, a darkly comic parody of 'Iron Chef' featuring Dracula and Alucard, a fight sequence with Dire Wraiths, and a one on one Ms. Marvel vs. Megatron fight.

It should also be noted that The Warners first noticed the Traitor Games in "How Low Can You Limbo?" and the Omniverse still hasn't recovered.

Eliminated players were sent to Belasco's Limbo, where they had to confront or avoid the demons there. Two of the players (Goombella and Chairman Kaga) would meet their evil alternate timeline counterparts there.

One of the more bizarre Traitor Games, it was somewhat marred by a controversial finish. But it set things up for the ongoing Limbo Legion Saga.

Cast of Characters Edit

  • Immortus (host) - Joe Acro
  • Soundwave - Deadpooligan
  • The Warners - Schornforce
  • Ms. Marvel - tangentman
  • Goombella - Chris Lang
  • Matt Parkman - Weirdopky
  • Chairman Kaga - The Purple Skull
  • Owlman - Superheroic
  • Dracula - Indigo Al
  • Alucard - kain5252
  • Megatron - Kevin M.
  • Original Zero - Eternal Torment
  • Static - Froggy
  • Keitarō Urashima - Sophisticated_Gamer
  • Abarekiller - Guy1
  • Kabuto Yakushi - GoGo Yubari
  • Zhang He - Jeremi
  • Peter Pan - darkkeeperjr
  • KITT - moonknight2099
  • Grimmjow Jaggerjack - Crimson King
  • Captain Mal Reynolds - Matt Doc Martin

Special 'first victim' NPC: Wolverine (this version of Wolverine, unlike the version in previous games, was played straight for the most part, and truer to the character in the source material)

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