The first game hosted by Deadpooligan, Traitor Game XIX: Custom Made for Calamity! was a unique Traitor Game featuring only original 'custom' characters created by the Traitor Gamers themselves. In the vein of Traitor Game XIV being an homage to previous games, this one was largely bent on satirizing the players, the way the game is played, and the absurdity of the crossovers within.

Traitor Game XIX ran from mid-August to mid-September 2008 with an update schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, and minigames every weekend to entertain the players. The plot and scenario were the direct results of fallout from The Mask's epilogue in Traitor Game XVIII.

Perilously Scripted for Plot! Edit

The Sign-Ups Edit

The game began in a white, almost waiting-room like room where several characters from around the creative commons multiverse were mysteriously teleported. Immediately, they were introduced to the The Secretary with the Adorably Hilarious Minnesota Accent and The Suicide Jack, creations of a mysterious Mr. Igan. As ordered, the temporary host and hostess put the players through a series of tests, like filing an application to play (not optional), and walking through a calamity detector for approval.

After some meet and greets, arguments and personalities that clicked, the players were teleported en masse once again... to Darth Mall in Antelope, California (as far as it appeared...)


Emperor God Charon Poolon

Deadpooligan Debuts Edit

The appearance of the host, Deadpooligan, threw many players ajar at why they were chosen, and how. While he didn't answer many, if any, of the queries, he waltzed around, getting his jollies by erasing peoples mouths or controlling players bodies[1]. He would soon hand out one Spolp for player, a game mechanic implemented to drastically alter the voting and eliminations of the game, for use in later rounds. Eventually, as the game drew closer and closer to its murderous kickoff, he introduced a new set of NPC characters[2], Hugh Manatee, Charlie Adder, and Doctor Snorkelpuss to assist him. The fourth member, Sir Reginald Von Kittykins XXXVIIth, esq, was hilariously tragically killed by Aerie.

A new fellow emerged from the crowd, just prior to the first kill, named Redshirt Blackman[3], a seeming embodiment of a myriad of classic death tropes.

Plot Twists Edit

Partly as a result of the scenario, and partly as a result of using custom characters, this Traitor Game had more weird plot twists and character turns than any other. To list all of them here would take up a lot of space.

Among the earliest twists is this mysterious 'Kid Chimera', who touches the Pencil and creates duplicates of itself that the players have to chase through the mall and capture. This 'Kid Chimera' turned out to be not only an homage to a certain player, but a character said player actually submitted, but never actually used. 'Kid Chimera' was actually a PC submitted by Peter Parker/Beast Boy Modified, a former player notorious for numerous breaches of TG protocol, such as obnoxious rudeness to players & hosts alike, as well as outlandish cases of "god-moding". Needless to say, when the players made the connection, many hilarious send-ups of these incidents appeared in "Kid Chimera's" defeats--not the least of which was Love Child turning the tables when KC tried to beat her with a soccer ball!  ;)

Dover is turned into Will Smith. There was a moderate chance of Bel-Airing.

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Kicking it Old School, OOC Style Edit

Player Characters for Portrayals!Edit

  • The Suicide Jack, renegade Spade Societeer! - Deadpooligan
  • Provident, The Man Who Defeated the DC Universe! - Joe Acro
  • Love Child, stunning Demi-Goddess and champion of Human Rights! - tangentman (Agent)
  • Terri Franklin, Agent of SHIELD! - Chris Lang
  • Hookerbot 5000, Android Missionary from the Church of Parisanity! - Tommy (Vigilante)
  • Akira Oda, The Eye Patched Crimelord! - Jeremi (Traitor)
  • Darth Mall and the Teen Team, Evil Mall and Powered Punks!- Froggy (Traitors)
  • Garon The Great, Dwarven Warrior! - Masterbasset
  • Ultra Squirrel - Rodent Defender of Forests! - hamboy
  • SuperEgo, Metahuman Hero from Paragon City! - Superheroic
  • Aerie, Wind-Powered Villainess! - Schornforce
  • Zee D'Vell, Spacefaring Center of the Cosmos! - Indigo Al (Agent)
  • Eldozar Goenitz, Treasure Hunter and Narcissist Extraordinaire! - The Purple Skull
  • Bennett Steele - Douchebag with Diplomatic Immunity! - Ben Morgan (Traitor)
  • Vlad, Gravitating Vampire Hunter! - Kevin M.
  • B. Dover Gladstone, I don't know what he is either. - Radioactive Zombie (First Blood!)
  • Technoman, a Demon Slayer! - Technoman
  • Effigy, Villainous Power Mimic! - jobies201

Suspicions Rumored for Sequel!Edit

Currently, it is still up in the air whether there will be a sequel to Custom Made for Calamity! in the near future. Rumors have circulated the next title may be Custom Made for Calamity II: Calamity Harder! or Custom Made for Calamity III: The Search for Custom Made for Calamity II: Electric Boogaloo![4]

Deadpooligan is also rumored to be attached to the project, and is allegedly in the running for a lead role by the game's director and producers.

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