Immortus, Lord of Limbo


Metron, of the New Gods

The New Gods are dying.

It began with Lightray over the skies of Earth's Metropolis. It continued with the deaths of Sleez and the Deep Six. This event continues still as the New Gods themselves take notice.

One such New God is Metron. Often one to examine the curiosities of reality to better understand the universe in which he lives, the god has found a dilemma. The cause behind the rampant death is a mystery and one that needs to be solved, even if it cannot be stopped. But there is another item that needs his attention. Metron does not know how long he has left to live. In the limited amount of time remaining, he feels the need to hold a contest he has put off for so long, as other inquiries took presidence. He knows of a game that tests people's skill, intellect, cunning, and survival. Metron wants to experience such a thing, to observe those involved. Through this, he would receive a better understanding of how others live and act in dire situations. The dilemma is not knowing whether he should investigate the deaths of his fellow New Gods, once more postponing the game, or start the game and hope the mystery remains when he finishes.

It is a difficult decision. Metron determines that the mystery can wait and, perhaps, can be left in the hands of others. The game cannot. Its secrets will remain closed to him unless he stops delaying. So, the god works as quick as he can. First, he needs a location. With the scare of death and a call to arms by ruler Darkseid, Apokolips has noticeably vacant areas. Using advanced technology, Metron seals off one such area. Then, using boom tube technology and knowledge he acquired when briefly dealing with another reality, Metron pulls random players from across the Omniverse.

Metron holds his own Traitor Game.

Behind the Source Wall, located somewhere else in New God space, there lies a hidden threat. The Bleed, a dimension that serves as a barrier between some universes, has been absorbed by another dimension. Where once there was just red, there is now only the shifting hue of Limbo. Limbo has grown sentient and wants to expand. Its master is all too happy to oblige. That same master is the one who gave the instruction his Legion now carries out.

The Traitor Game must die. The group has a game to kill.

This will be...

The Traitor Game XX: Challenge of the Limbo Legion!

Those Who Hang In the Balance Edit

  • Gordon Freeman with G-Man (Half-Life) - Radioactive Zombie (Traitor)
  • Sam & Max - Donald M.
  • Drax the Destroyer (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Superheroic
  • Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls) - Schornforce
  • Ultimate Spider-Woman (Ultimate Spider-Man) - DoctorDoom
  • Franky (One Piece) - Masterbasset
  • Downpour/Shifter (Justice League Unlimited) - Jeremi
  • Hyperion (Supreme Power) - Ben Morgan - (Agent)
  • Joey Ramone, Leader of the Morlocks (Ramones, alternate Marvel) - Indigo Al
  • Dr. Evil w/ Number 2 (Austin Powers)--The Purple Skull - (Agent)
  • Angel & Illyria (Angel) - tangentman
  • Aaron (himself in RL) - Froggy
  • Quantum and Woody -Cthulhudrew (Traitor)
  • UltraMantis Black, w/Crossbones and Hydra (CHIKARA Pro Wrestling ) - GoGo Yubari
  • Mr Satan w/ Majin buu (Dragonball Z) - hamboy
  • Max Payne--Kevin M.
  • Huntsman (Freakzoid)--KingofPie
  • Megabyte (Reboot)--Crimson King
  • Spawn w/ Sam & Twitch--bushboy
  • Huey Freeman w/ Riley Freeman (Boondocks)--The Once and Forever
  • Nabiki Tendo (Ranma ½)--Chris Lang - (Traitor)
  • Plastic Man--moonknight11

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