Alter Ego
Wade Winston Wilson-Lokison, "Thom Cruz", Beta Ray Wade
God of Thunder
Group Affiliations
Asgardian Pantheon, The Rogue Team
Base of Operations
Asgard, Rogue Watcher's Moonbase
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Powers and Abilities
Superhuman strength, durability, speed, longevity, and healing factor. Wields the hammer Mjolnir, granting him flight, and weather manipulating abilities. Comic awareness.
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Thorpool is Deadpool with the power of The Mighty Thor. Originally tricked by Loki into wielding a false Mjolnir against the true Thunder God, Thorpool struck out on his own, becoming a hero in his own right and eventually becoming worthy enough to lift the genuine article! He was portrayed by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game X and all subsequent appearances.

Character History Edit

General History Edit

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Loki, in his eternal quest of jealous vengeance toward his brother Thor, came up with one grand scheme to replace the God of Thunder with a notably less suitable "hero". Claiming to be Wade Wilson's father, the trickster awarded the mercenary Deadpool with a rather remarkable Mjolnir facsimile, granting him the powers and abilities of Thor! Later breaking free of Loki's thrall and cursed to look like "Thom Cruz", he battled Thor himself to protect the entity Death. About to be soundly defeated, he and his false hammer were whisked away to Valhalla for a Traitor Game!

Traitor Game X Edit

The Limbo Legion Saga Edit

Fleeting Facsimiles Edit

The first Thorpool Duplicate was an entity formed from the body of Deadpooligan in his game's finale, tasked to fight the Goddess Love Child. After a series of quips, he was summarily tickled into submission by her and reabsorbed into the other members of Deadpooligan's stable fighters.

Another, the second Thorpool Duplicate, appeared in the Crime Syndicate of Amerika's simulation of Asgard along with many of the other players from Traitor Game X. The mutant body-jumper Proteus attempted to take it over, though he only managed to corrupt it into something more sinister; a force calling itself Beta Ray Wade. Speaking in perfect prose while praising the name of Loki and his own prowess, he battled Ares, God of Love and King Hyperion, and was ultimately destroyed when his hammer was thrown through his chest.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Thorpool's power derives from the Odinforce coursing through Mjolnir, an Asgardian hammer forged for Thor and imbuing many powers upon a worthy user;

  • Energy manipulation in the form of absorption and discharge of the same energy.
  • Weather manipulation and summoning of all storm-based phenomena, most readily lightning and thunder.
  • Hammer control and flight, manipulating the path of Mjolnir to his will, pulling him through the air.
  • Super strength to lift at least 75 tons and super speed to move at hundreds of miles-an-hour.
  • Ludicrous super durability, a nigh-indestructable nature enhanced to incalculable levels by his healing factor.

If he is separated from Mjolnir for roughly a minute, he reverts back to his human form until he comes in contact with it again. From his experience as Deadpool, Thorpool is a martial arts master in dozens of disciplines, both unarmed and with bladed weapons. He is extremely proficient with the use of all conventional firearms.

His comic awareness ability to break the fourth wall is without peer.

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