Traitor Game X: I'll Take Valhalla was set in some alternate universe variant of Marvel's Asgard (which also included variants of characters from other versions of Asgard). The storyline concerned the feud between Odin (the ruler of the Norse Gods) and Hela (goddess of death) over the ownership of Valhalla.

It was hosted by Indigo Al. A more detailed summary may come later. Several stand-outs in roleplaying here: Ares claiming Grimlock as his "steed"; Tara & Bo striking up a friendship; Peter Pan antagonizing various players; Miss Piggy's delusions of celebrity grandeur; Dwight administering "personality tests" to identify the best Traitor suspects, and of course, the debut of Bob & Karl.


Deadpooligan traded "insider info" with surviving Agents via private messages to expose the Traitors. That ploy sabotaged the likely victory the Traitors would have enjoyed. There was an outcry, heated discussion, which was resumed in Game XIV when a similar situation arose. The incidents of these two games resulted in a "No Trading Inside Information" rule. Agents may no longer share Traitor identities through PM or after Agent eliminations.

Player/Character list Edit

  • Odin (benevolent co-host) - Indigo Al
  • Hela (antagonist co-host) - Indigo Al
  • Havik and Gan Ning (Mortal Kombat) - Jeremi
  • Grimlock (Dinobots, Transformers) - Kevin M.
  • Spider Girl (MC2-verse) - Chris Lang
  • Hotaru (Samurai Deeper Kyo) - Crimson King
  • Peter Pan - darkkeeperjr
  • Thorpool (Marvel) - Deadpooligan
  • Dwight Schrute (The Office) - Donald M
  • Apocalypse (Marvel) - Eternal Torment
  • Megaman (videogame) - Froggy
  • Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - GoGo Yubari
  • Roy Lincoln (alternate DC) - Joe Acro
  • Kamen Rider Odin (Kamen Rider Ryuki) - KamenRaida
  • Bob & Karl (agents of AIM and Hydra - Marvel) - Purple Skull
  • Miss Piggy (Muppets) - Schornforce
  • Ares (Marvel) - Superheroic
  • Tara Maclay (Buffy) - tangentman
  • Bo (Cursed) - Tommy
  • Cyborg Santa (Traitor Game V Host) - Weirdopky
  • Rocky Balboa - mrcelophane
  • Spider Man (Marvel) - Pheonix No Relation
  • Laharl (Disgaea) - Anthony Johanson
  • Greed (Full Metal Alchemist) - kain5252
  • Burger King - BYC

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