Traitor Game XXIII: Dangling Ploplines!

At the conclusion of Traitor Game VIII the villainous Owlman and his Crime Syndicate of Amerika teammates kidnapped Chairman Takeshi Kaga. Owlman was set on getting his revenge on the Iron Chef host because Kaga had gotten Owlman banished from the game and also embarrassed Owlman by defeating him in a series of games the two participated in. In the end there were greater forces at work as the CSA now knew that the Traitor Games were real and they wanted a piece of the action. Finally the time has come for them to Host their own Traitor Game!

The game will take place on the CSA watchtower in the Anti-Matter Universe. Your Hosts are the members of the CSA; Owlman, Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick. Chairman Kaga, portrayed by The Purple Skull, will have a prominent role, but not a co-hosting role. Depending on the number of players there will be at least 3 Traitors, 2 Agents, and 1 Vigilante in the game. I am invoking new Vigilante rules for this game so that the Vigilante will work with or alongside the Agents.

Plops will be back in full force. I will be employing similar rules from TGXI in this one. There will also be a Favor Bank. Only [I]once[/I] in the game a character may spend a Plop and ask any one of the CSA to perform a favor for them. Be advised that the CSA member may ask for that Favor to be returned at some point! Characters who fail to do so will be punished!

There are no character limits in this game although I will award one Plop to anyone playing an 'Anti-Matter Version' of a character. For example a Good Voldemort or an Evil Harry Potter; a Good Red Skull or an Evil Captain America; a Good Deathstroke or an Evil Nightwing. I will also be supplying a character suggestion screen as I did in the Sign-ups for TGXI. Anyone choosing to play as one of those characters will also receive a Plop. Players are encouraged to choose one prinicpal character to portray. Anyone looking to play more than one character will need to declare who the Main character is. Anyone else will be considered and NPC. NPC's cannot participate in any role the Main character may be assigned. NPC's will be allowed at the Host's discretion.

The Cast (in Anti-Matter Reverse Alphabetic Order)Edit

  • Anti-Matter Wesley Gibson and Wolf (Anti-Matter Fox) (Radioactive Zombie)
  • Vision 4.7 and Hank Pym (The Purple Skull) - Agent
  • Tommy Oliver, White Ranger, and Kimberly Ann Hart, Pink Ranger (Josh M)
  • Shattered Glass Optimus Prime and Jazz (King of Pie)
  • Satan Girl (tangentman)
  • Roger, the Stan Lee Experience (DoctorDoom)
  • Rinoa Heartilly and Squall Leonheart (Elegance Liberty) - Traitor
  • Morph/Proteus (Deadpooligan) - Vigilante
  • Mister Miracle (Froggy)
  • King Hyperion (Ben Morgan)
  • Jack Bauer (Donald M.) - Traitor
  • Good Girl (Gogo Yubari)
  • Genevieve Sparks (Lord of Nonsensical Crap)
  • Edward and Alice Cullen(Masterbasset)
  • Destroyman (Yun Lao) - Agent
  • Deadman (Joe Acro)
  • Dark Warrior Duck (Overmaster)
  • Captain Carnage (Superheroic) - First Kill NPC
  • Barrage (Jeremi)
  • Barracuda (Indigo Al)
  • Ares, God of Love (Cthulhudrew)
  • Angela Petrelli and Tracy Strauss (Tommy) - Agent
  • Allebmoog (Chris Lang)

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