The Purple Skull's Universe

The Variant Marvel Universe is one of the many worlds in the Multiverse that has been represented in the Traitor Game. Created by The Purple Skull, the VMU contains the same cast of characters seen in the regular Marvel Universe. Of course, since this was created by The Purple Skull, the heroes and villains are characterized in a different light.

The Beyonder Edit

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Other Concepts Edit

Deadpooligan's Taskmaster is from the VMU, as is his Deadpool, when he's not parading around as Thorpool in Al'sgard.

These are ideas the Purple Skull might use in a future Traitor Game

  • The Great Lakes Ghostbusters
  • The Defenders
  • Red Skull, Baron Zemo, MODOK, Baron Strucker & Mystique: Sienfeld Style!
  • Daredevil: Mimbo Lawyer with a Driver's License!

More coming soon!