Alter Ego
Warlord, mercenary, former gladiator
Group Affiliations
Sometimes employee of Venger
Base of Operations
Slave Mines of Baramore
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game Rivals
Terra, Thanos
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Highly skilled warrior, coldfire emanating magic sword ("Nightwind"), magical shield.
Created By
TSR, Inc./LJN Toys

Warduke is a character from fantasy fiction. Originally created as a toy for the LJN/TSR line of AD&D action figures, the character later went on to be used in coloring books, adventure modules, accessories, and even had a prominent role in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series. He recently received a revamp in Paizo/Wizards of the Coast's Dragon Magazine, where his back story was fleshed out to better fit the Greyhawk campaign world.

General History Edit

The bounty hunter named Warduke originates from a world known only as "The Realm," a patchwork land of swords and sorcery that is hotly contested by the enigmatic beings known as Dungeon Master and Venger. Warduke oversees the Slave Mines of Baramore with his Bullywug servitors. Mercenary by nature, he often hires his services out to the villainous Venger.

At one point, Warduke had captured the Dungeon Master and taken him to the Slave Mines, where he planned to sell his captive to Venger. His plans were foiled when the Dungeon Master's teenage minions- among them the ranger Hank, the cavalier Eric, and the wizard Presto- tracked him down to his lair and managed to free Dungeon Master.

Traitor Game XIIEdit

When Hank the Ranger and his teenage companions went to investigate a portal that they believed would return them home to Earth, they ran afoul of the nefarious Warduke for what would turn out to be the very last time.

In a brutal battle, the murderous Warduke and his abyssal steed Nightmare slew all of the teenagers save for Hank. Fortunately, the Ranger was saved by the timely arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents under the command of Clay Quartermain saved him.

One of the last prisoners to arrive[1], Warduke was secretly enlisted by Sarge Steel to act as the Assassin and root out the Thunderbolts.

The grim warrior eliminated Thanos by utilizing the Vault's miniaturizing device on the mad titan, and then tossing him into Galactus' cage to be devoured[2]. Thanos proved to be an 'innocent' victim, however. Warduke showed more success when he later eliminated the Thunderbolts The Ventriloquist and Scarface by strangling them[3].

Warduke and Terra soon found themselves embroiled in a venomous exchange of mutual accusations. Ironically, though she'd been his biggest detractor, she correctly deduced that he was the Assassin, and changed her opinion. Alas, suspicions against the evil warlord were too strong among the others, and Warduke was voted out and sent to the Raft before he had a chance to strike again.

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